In this millennial generation, oftentimes we are so busy thinking how to look picture-perfect  on social media, most likely instagram. For those who likes to post ootd pictures, it becomes necessary; spending much money on brand,  pieces just to make great ootd photos and forcing ourselves to be avid trend-watcher.

We forget that great ootd photos are not all about brand, price and etc. It's all also about confidence, additional things just like place, mood, and most importantly personal style. . Cus sometimes even the very basic or i could say casual ootd could also produces great photos...

Without any further do,
Today i'm going to share my basic ootd on last weekend and how it can result great photos effortlessly,


As you guys can see, on today's look i just wear basic black turtle-neck sweater
and dark blue jeans. And again, adding my favorite black leather mules to give
that look of simple but more appealing.

    Isn't this black in green captivating?  Aren't these photos great enough?

Another from head-to-toe fav picture <3

Snatch this look!

            What i conclude is; most of the times, great photos just happen unexpectedly and effortlessly. Some while, i don't prepare much for the outfit. The thing is, our confidence in wearing something, matters (as what i have said before). Even the basic outfit and affordable pieces could produces great OOTD pictures. Be confidence and stay true to yourself! x

Location                       : Mall Central Park, Jakarta Barat.
Turtleneck Sweater  : @cartex_blanche (Instagram)
Dark Blue Jeans       : Nevada Jeans
Shoes                        : Connexion (Matahari Mall)