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Okay without any further do, let’s move on to the topic!

A lot of you; Indonesian people or tourist might ever visited Bali for its utmost popular beach and delish food. Am I right or right? Yes, Bali is no doubt one of the most well-known places for touristy in Indonesia.

Talking about the fineness of Bali, the last two weeks I went to Ancol without any pretention to eat something tasty. Going there for only an assigment, walking to one beach and the other until I stopped at Pantai Karnaval near Ancol Beach City Mall..

Strolling around Pantai Karnaval for minutes with stomach craving something at that time, til’ I discover two places to eat such as Segarra and Ancol Jimbaran. I actually never tried those two restaurants before, so I flipped a coin hoping for Ancol Jimbaran. ;)

I always have a room for restaurant with kinda beach-outdoor-view and Ancol Jimbaran own that one. I came to realize all the bali vibes right at that place and felt so soothing. 

The view, the sound, decoration, food and almost everything tells about Bali.

Look at that, The food looks so delicious and the taste is even more than that, trust me! Hahahaha

Comparing to Local Bali Food, it is basically priced average to high. This additional picture of the menu is placed just in case you guys are curious enough.

Now it is coming to an end,

For you guys who likes going for vacation in Bali especially for short period of time, 
You MUST try out Ancol Jimbaran. You’ll definitely come back! <3