“Time flies so fast.”
The only similar quotes I remember when I am about to move to the next year with all delighted yet uncertain feelings. Yes, time flies utterly fast. Yep, its already been 2018 by now!

2017 has been so meaningful  and I will always be grateful for a year filled with blessings, new achievements,  unforgettable  trips and little things that I cant mention one by one. The past year, the past two years, the past three years and so forth have been wonderful but the new year is always be something that everyone is excited for…

Being thankful and expressing gratitude is an important part of being happy in life. In welcoming the new year, now I am gonna take a moment and recall the things that I am most grateful about in this amazing 2017 with grateful heart to express my gratitude. I know it might be a lil’ bit too late, but better late than never right? ;)

7 little things I am most grateful about in 2017:

1. Binus TV News Anchor

I got a chance to challenge myself being a news anchor of My Campus’ TV. I know it was not something that big, but for me, myself, being a news anchor isn’t a piece cake especially for an extrovert person like me. My first time being on air was really bad I felt like a speaking robot HAHAHA. Along with that, I am now still learning, learning and learning. But after all I am so thankful to be given a chance for at least try something new.

2. Change my camera

Is it just me or some of you might feel a lil bit miserable every time you're about to change your camera? At first, I felt so miserable because my very first Fujifilm xa-2 camera is actually a sweet 17th birthday present from my parents. It took me months to decide on buying new camera. But I’m glad that I change my camera into the precise one, I change it to sony a6000 cus it’s pretty much better than the last meaningful one especially for taking videos. Thank you my camera for keeping me accompanied at times.

3.  SG Trip
Some of you might have probably read my previous article about 4 hidden insta-worthy places in Singapore, yeah it is the best trip ever in my life. I discover new places that aren’t mentioned on my last post such as  colourful Bugis street, trying out one of the best curry In Singapore aka monster curry, Clarke Quey and etc. Check my last post out and you’ll discover afterward! tehee

4. Bandung and Bogor Assignment Trip
Kebun Raya Bogor

Rumah Hobbit, Maribaya

Last year I got two big video projects for fulfilling assignment score. Firstly, my main clique went to bogor by train for a day trip to Kebun Raya Bogor and trying out good cafe to chill. Secondly, in the next 3rd semester, me and 3 of my best friends went to bandung exploring cultural aspects and values there. We went to the hallmark of Bandung such as  Alun-alun Bandung and maribaya for the first time. I guess it has always been great to invest some time with your best friends going out of town although just doing assignment for short period. We had so much fun!


For you guys to know, I was really narcissistic when I am at junior high school. I took photos almost everywhere and some of my peers even judged my narcism. I wasn’t mad but there I realized I should increase my time taking photos of myself . I remember how I started my Instagram account in 2014 back then when Instagram isn’t as famous as nowadays. There I post photos of me and some interesting stuffs there. I wasn’t itended on being paid for endorsement of even paid for clothes model but I made it for several times and I’m grateful. I am neither selebgram nor actress but at least I can prove myself it is not that bad of taking photos of myself.


Just like the other universities, my universities has also marketing strategic to make it on top. What set it apart, one of its marketing stategics is having its students to become Education Counselor. Wait, it is not some kind of social activities, but if we become education counselor we will get paid for each Binus formulir sold. Not only that, we also do presentations from one school to another school and education fair within. Despite studying at Binus University I also could make my own money from Binus. Thank you Binus hahaha


Well, the seventh yet the most important one is this blogspot of mine. I’m not full-time writer or anything. But this blogspot is one of the fortune that i could explore my passion in writing here or even share information and my interests.

The last, I'm glad to say I am in the present of something new and one thing that pooped into my head,  I am certain about the ongoing bright 2017, aren’t you guys? Be grateful!