Hello everyone!!! Good to see you again.
First week in this month I'm too lazy going to mall. I'm feel so tired when saw the crowded people. Every week, it's always rainy day and I'm so sleepy. I woke up early and found the cold weather. But I wanna looks pretty in every event and different style especially my lips colours.

I want to try different colours of the lipstick. So I think orange colours appropriate for my choice. And I  am thinking again "what's brand is good for this colours"? I'm take my phone and searching in the onlineshop.
Previous, One of the onlineshop giving me offering about their product and I choose lipstick But they don't giving me opportunity to choose which one I like but It's not problem because I think they have a good product too. So they can choose the best one for me :))

So when I'm receive the package and look the inside, I'm smile and so happy because this is what I need now HAHAA. You're curious, aren't you? Lets scroll in the below :)

The softness of this lipstick keeps my lips from clumping, not dry and easy to apply. It's durability can be very calculated, it's hold all day. One thing make me really love this because they make two different package but same colours. The stick one look so unique, not big and not small too.
If you like you can check their instagram @lebeauny :))

See you in my next post!!!