Hi peeps!

Before starting, I would like to say Merry Christmas to you guys, have a jolly one! May this Christmas doesn’t only bring you happiness but also peace and love to all people in the world for the King was born. 

Yep, it is exactly 25thDecember 2017 and I am having my me-timeaka writing time, sounds peculiar but really exciting, for me. A little closure about myself that I am not going out especially when it’s international holiday because I don’t really enjoy myself in crowded places.

It’s getting closer to look a lot like New Year and I am really eager to share with you one of the most favorite vacations I had in this year before entering 2018. Yes, my vacay to Singapore with my family!

Singapore is a small country but really an enjoyable place. The disciplined people, the orderly mrt, the tasty chicken hainam rice and decent places always catch my attention. Spending only a week but there I discovered many hidden beautiful places that most Singaporeans and even my cousins included did not know yet.

Here are the top 4 Hidden Beautiful areas in Singapore that really insta-worthy, for those of you who are planning to go to Sing, these are must places to visit!

1. Marina Square Spiral Staircase

      What you probably don’t know about Marina Square Mall as it is one of the biggest shopping centre is the insta-worthy stair case. This staircase is placed in front of the mall for a shortcut to enter the Marina Square Mall. Some people might know that this staircase pictures have been flooding most Singaporean’s Instagram accounts.

2. Marina Square Maze

       In general, maze is something that sounds creepy and imagined as dark places that the ending is hard to found but not accordance to this one. Not only instagrammable, this area is brilliant. You can exactly look and take photos above from the baffling labyrinth and you will be sure know the ending of the whitewashed maze.The only thing is you need to search the opened door to access this maze cause not all the doors are opened. Challenging, right? ;)

    It is near to City Hall MRT. Get to Marina Square mall and the door is near the front of  Mandarin Oriental Hotel lobby or you can also try to find the alternating staircases leading up from the Millenia Walk exit.

1. The Roof-Top of Star Vista Mall

       One of the most anticipated mall in Sing which has no air-conditioner goes to The Star Vista Mall. Unlike any other mall, the architectural design inspired by Noah’s Arc. Something that wouldn’t be missed is the rooftop of the building, The star in this place is the 5000 seat state-of-art theatre with excellent acoustics, suitable for hosting modern music concerts. There you can see breathtaking view and take good photos or rather just chill around.

(It’s really near to the Buona Vista MRT)

4. Millenia Tower

      Last but not least, The Millenia Tower. Less than 20 minutes from Changi Airport you will get to this commercial office with 41-storey skyscraper at Marina Centre in Singapore. All units have panoramic views of Singapore. The square footprint rests on four illuminated cylinders which in turn frames a striking glass lobby could create good flipped-mirrored-photos.

Just for your information, Millenia Tower also houses the giant pumpkin sculpture by Yayoi Kusama, one of the world's most influential artists.

source: silverkris.com
      They are just 4 out of 99+++ beautiful hidden places in Singapore that you guys could discover. I promise that I will discover some more on my next visit to Singapore and share to you guys. Have a blessed day ahead love! <3