Since we had been busy with all the assignments and exam, i guess it was the perfect time to catch up with my old besties to refresh the mind on this quite long Eid Mubarak Holiday. We decided to choose " Coffe Aya " , one of the famous coffeshop in Jakarta as our destination. Nowadays,  This place does not only worth the hype but also the soothing ambience,  which everything is almost white.

              This is my first look on that day. Basically, i paired up my old jumpsuit with my basic black cardigan.To make simpler look, i chose this strap white cuban-heels to complete the whole look.

          They say girls wanna have fun. In our dictionary, unconsciously doing a little photo session is also our way of having fun. It is not always about self-worth on appearance, but it is also about capturing moments.

I still don't know whether we could really sit on this wooden table/chair or not.. But this table/chair caught my attention. So here it is!

             Moving on the second or favorite look of that day ,


 As i have said before, i really love the soothing ambience of this coffeshop, especially for this spot on the second floor! Who doesn't love it..

Well, I don't really like wearing light colored clothes, except for white. Therefore, i combine this cullote in butterscotch color with v-neck white chiffon top.


  I also layered my whole outfit with this black cardigan to make it looked a lil' bit formal, which you guys can purchase it on my friends' shop on instagram, @poshdelabel <3

Till' next catch up, girls! x

Coffe Aya