CNY is coming soon!!! I'm not celebration CNY but I'm really excited to follow the others friend in blogger to show their best Cheong Sam in their outfit. So I searching the idea in many offline store and online store.
Many of the store giving the best Cheong Sam but I'm not really like because I wanna using a different style. And finally I found this one in shopee. When I'm looking, it' s good idea to show you all.

I'm Indonesian and my country have a famous traditional clothes is call "BATIK". Many of the other country have knew Batik. But when you read this and don't know already you can searching in google. 
I think choose the Cheong Sam Batik Modern is a good idea. Before choose this in the end, I'm always buy a clothes useful. I don't spend much money to buy the clothes disposable, I'm must skimp because I want to get travel soon (I hope this one to realize). One thing from this Batik always interesting is the pattern. You can see the pattern having good drawing. Don't prolix, just scroll the picture in below.

I love the traditional Chinese New Year like latern, the food, tradition, vihara especially the Cheong Sam outfit. When I look the girl using this, it's look really beautiful and I wanna trying too. I wanna get the sexy long dress with side hemisphere. But it's too much expensive HAHAHA so I decide to look for the cheap one or get discount. Luckily I found the big discount, I'm really happy for that. So, let see this sweet Cheong Sam dress :)

I don't have a wish for this CNY because I have many things make me so disappointed. I just want one thing for my chinese friend, I hope he can have a happy life, smooth business and find a good women.

And all of my friends who celebration CNY I wanna say "Happy New Year" make your life useful, always happy and your dream granted for this year.

One's again "GONG XI FAT CAI"