This is not my travelling to other country. My first trip went to Perth, Autralia were the best I ever until now. So I and my sister plan to spending New Year in Kuala Lumpur bring my parents too. I'm so excited because this is my the first time celebration New Year in the other Country. Usually I will come back to my hometown in Medan.

My sister booking the apartment for 6 adults and 2 children in airbnb. We choose the Face Suits apartmen, you can check their web in here I got early flight and arrived in KL evening and we rented mini bus for bringing us to the apartment. The apartment is really crowed, full of human HAHAH. But when I look this view from apartmen is make me so happy.

Get up early this morning to get this view, look the sunrice and blue sky is so beautiful. I only have 4 days in KL. First my itenary is going to Batu Caves. I'm sorry if my itenary a mess because I'm not good to made a good travelling :)

I'm always see the fashion blogger if they going to KL, they definitely take a photo in this amazing place. Of course I'm too I'm also get many picture in here HAHAHA. I try to hike up with my sister and my parents and it's sooooooo tired. My foot's is so achy but I'm proud for my parents they can get until enter the caves. The weather is very hot and I enjoy this fresh drink :))

Second place we visit is National History Museum. In there we can see history of building. They giving you many spot photo and it's instagramable. I think this place is a boring place but I'm so surprise. You can see what I mean HAHAHA


The second day we are going to Pavillion. Searching for this mall and get so many people and it's traffic. So we decide to walking and Luckily it's not far as I thought.

The third day, we only spending a whole day in apartment. This apartment is really complete. They have a good lobby, swimping pool and a bar. So I decide to enjoy my time in swimmingpool.

And the end to celebration of New Year. We are going to twins tower. I can't get this photo because I don't have a good photografer and it's really so crowed and I can't have space too. It's a special moment in my life. I can bring my parents to see the fireworks and enjoy this different celebration. 

My hope in 2020 : I can be a wise women to decide everything in happen in my life. Getting a good man soon and getting married as soon as possible. New bussiness and new life too :)

How about your??Let me know.