Thank you 2019 for giving me the best year in my life. I know it's not smoothly but I will try the best for 2020. Many plan I made in 2019 but not much was realized and put it back in my list of 2020. I'm not really sad but it's make me more excited this year. So many secret and I want find it quickly :)

How about you? Have you already get your list in 2020?
First in my 2020 I spending holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (soon I will post it)
Before leave 2019 I want told a little story. 

The end of month in 2019, I feel excited because I much have a plan because it's December where It's Christmast day, Birtday and Holiday. But there are much problem happen and make me so frustated and I almost hopeless. Squabbling with partner, missunderstanding with office friend, and much more. So when I hear my boyfriend little sister coming to Jakarta and I join with them to this fresh place. I want to refresh my head and change my mood. And this place it's not really good but I'm really enjoy it. When you have much problem don't push your self to solve it immediately like rash, because sometimes it's wrong and you regret it.

This place called Little Venice, Bogor. Maybe who stay in Jakarta have been know this place. Let's check it out.

I got this photo by Iphone and edit it with my self. This place it's not really big but so many parts can be used as good photos if you are good at taking good angles. And I really apreciate to my little sister to take this although I really too fussy and she take so much picture only to get the best one HAHAHAHA
And this is another one in many spot of Little Venice. And one thing if you want to taking many photo and bring clothes, you can pay for it. So I change in the car HAHAHAHAHA because I don't spent much money for it :)

When saw this photo I forgot with my problem HAHAH. Finally I'm happy now even though I must facing every problem and resolving with an open heart. One advice want to tell you "Don't make decision when you angry,if you do it you can regret it" (read from book).

So I want to say goodbye to 2019 and ready for special year 2020. I hope every dreams in my mind can happen in 2020. Find a good man, new house and new job HAHAHA.

Hope you enjoy for my this post and giving me advice for my next content :) see you!!!