Hot Summer Hot Hot Summer~
Summer is coming and many people already posting their summer holiday either ootd or scenery. Well, in this post i wanna share another summer inspiration outfit for your summer holiday~
First of all my inspiration look come from south korea girl style. Checker and high waist skirt.... 
Sabrina top that show some skin (shoulder) is one of the model that really popular lately. For the skirt is known as tennis skirt. Well, this tennis skirt is popular since there's Girlband Korea name f(x) wear this for their mv and performance on stage. Don't forget to bring your sunglass and hat ^ ^

OFC Holiday isn't complete without FRIENDS!!! Cause all we wanna do is Having Fun.. Rite??!!!

And here Aphordites in Summer Vibes 

Here more closer LOOK with Chelsea Flo, Mindy AND Caroline



IG: @Deuxcarls

Ig : @Mgirl

Place of this photo : Matchbox Surabaya
For my outfit i purchase all of it in South Korea even the shoes too, just the sun glass i buy in H&m 

Thank you for read my post, see y on the next post~
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