Who is this have old age?
Have you someone ask your age? and say you look old or young?
In social media you can find this many question from the girl or man but most of all is come from girl who don't know you. It's like stranger suddenly say hi with roughly. 

But when I using social media, luckyly I always receive a good comment. They don't know me well but they still giving me a good comment. I am so happy about it, but I don't like when I receive message from Direct Message.Most of them from man. But I try to nice for them and always skip HAHAHAHA (I'm sorry if you one of them).

So, I'm not a young girl anymore. I am 30 this month. and I'm still nothing, I don't have nothing. I don't have something to proud about that but I'm still happy. Enjoy it with working hard and make my day is good. I'm a adult girl but still don't have a boyfriend HAHAHA I'm always laugh when thingking about it. It' s funny but sad feeling too.

If you girl and you old it's like a live in hell. But most of strong girl have a different thought. When you old and don't have a boyfriend it's oke. They can giving you a advice to always think a happy thing, make a new friend, going travelling or etc.

When I hear about that for my age soon, I'm so happy and giving me a spirit for what I wanna do next. Make many plan and don't push myself for not good thing. First plan who I made is about fashion what I wear and make it look young. So this is first idea come from me "wear mini dress and show you sexy thigh". Let me show you with this picture.

The colours of this dress really I like while I'm not a fan of green colours hehehe. The material of this dress is cotton so really difficult if you want to move it when you have like my dress so don't worry it's make you fun HAHAHA

I'm really like using the mini one because I can show your beautiful foot but while i remember my age it's make me sad and shy. Most of women never using this one again when they get old. I'm just wanna try this and show to every girl/women. It's oke it's only clothes. It's not change your life when you using it just for fun. Out of your frustration from your boring job, bad friend or living environment. Fashion is always just fun, don't worry and stay always happy.

I hope you happy when you read this little thought. If you disagree you can leave and skip, but I need your support or you can tell me a different thought. 

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See you in my next story :)))