Here i got these 2 products from Kose Cosmeport Indonesia and Clozette ID, thank you so much! I always feel excited trying out new skincare, especially when it rings true for my skin type. This time i've already tried Softymo Lachesca Cleansing Sheet and Eye Make Up Remover for about a week.

The packaging is super nice, but how about their proven efficiancy? Dig deeper now by scrolling! :D

This Cleansing Sheet works as make up remover, pore cleansing, face wash, lotion at the same time.. The verdict... this product is helpful enough to remove excess base make up and the rest, just like blush, contour and etc. What i need to highlight, you need to wipe it more to remove liquid or waterproof make up just like mascara. And to the good thing, you don't need to rewash your hair with another cleanser! (Perfect for me)

This is actually my first time trying out cleansing sheet as the only cleanser and it turns out great! It has mild scent just like flowery one, but it doesn't bother my smell. The size is just greaaat, enough for the whole face 15 x 20 cm. WOW extra HAHAHA

Uh wait, i almost forgot to tell you that the tissue texture is ample soft for our skin barrier, so it's safe for sensitive skin.. Instead, you need to extra care as it's easily ripped off.

Moving on.............

First of all, take a look at the packaging because it's so feminime yet chic! I prefer it as it's made from plastic not bottle, as it won't break easily. There's enough product in the bottle, thought i can finish it in half year i guess?

The texture is just like white creamy liquid, oil-based, once it's applied, it melts away the eyeliner excess little by little. It's not just in one wipe i believe, but it's deep in cleansing just like the usual oil-based cleanser.

After all the excess is gone, you might not wanna leave your face greasy, so you need to rewash your face with your go-to soapy cleanser.


It really depends on the needs, if you're going to travel, the cleansing sheet would save a lot of space, as it's multi-function. I kinda prefer the cleansing sheet to the eye make up remover as i'm not a heavy user of waterproof make-up. If you buy all of them, they would become a great combo! But if you're gonna choose one, then choose what's more functional to you.

Hope it helps, see you on the next one loves!

Love, Ker