Hair color and review is here!! I often color my hair, but usually go to saloon for it. This's will be the first time i make a review and tutorial about how i color my hair. Ofc I hope you all excited like i do and i also hope that this post will be useful for you who want to coloring hair in home. Hehehe...
Hair color that i use here is from L'Oreal Excellence Fashion- 6.34 Warm Auburn. L'Oreal is No 1 Worldwide hair color AND this's one of their new color obsession!!!! Actually it's came in 3 shades that you can choose. All of this colors are inspired by the Parisian Haute Couture. If you ask me why i use this one rather than other brand is cause of it came with Triple Care Formula (Strengthens, Protects, Replenishes hair while coloring) and Hi Shine Complex for superb color reflections. Say Good bye to Damage hair and Say Hello to the new me~

Like i said before there're 3 colors : Intense Golden Auburn (Glamour Warmth Color), Golden Nude Brown (Sophisticated Nude Brown) , and Intense Spicy Red (Vibrant Fiery Red).
These 3 color just launched in January 2018.

As we can see from the outside (packaging) it's have a quite luxury design, with touch of gold and gorgeous model as the cover. The hair is so on point!! I choose this one cause of i never try this kind of color before and curious how it looks on me.

You can see the ingredients of this product in the back side of the product and for the date of manufactured or expired can be seen on the bottom of it.

When you open the box you will get Colorant, Developer, Conditioner, Pre-serum and Plastics gloves.

When i apply it on my hair, it have really strong smell. I almost cried :( but after i wash my hair the scent is quite good and it stay for 3 days!!!! 

Then here's it!! Step by step how to coloring hair.
Note: Before coloring your hair make sure u already do the allergic testing. by apply on the back side of your ear or in the hand. :) If nothing happen then you can continue to colouring using it. ^ ^

1. Apply the Pre- Serum

2. Open the developer tube then put the colorant

3. Shake it off until it blend

4. Change the tube to the comb

5. Apply all over hair

6. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse

7. Apply the conditioner leave it 10 minutes then rinse it

Here before after picture!!!

Probably you notice that not much difference between before after. Except the condition of the hair. Well, this's cause of my hair colour is green. If i want to neutralise it i should colouring it with purple colour first then can continue with brown. But the other colour except green is became Golden Auburn especially my new baby hair. Now the colour of my baby hair and the rest is same~ :)

I do love this product!!!! My hair seriously more soft, feel so light and the colour also pretty~
Well, It also became more easy to styled~ How to use this product also easy and the price also affordable. Not make my hair getting worse but make it better. Now i'm not afraid to do more hair colouring. > <

Price : IDR 123K
Where to buy : Drug store, Dept Store, Cosmetics Score, E commerce like Lazada and

So, girls don't be afraid to color your hair, cause life is too short to have a boring hair ^ ^

Have a great day,