When pregnant, your body gets tired easily and cannot move freely. However, this does not become a barrier for you if you want to do house cleaning. To stay safe, let's consider some tips on cleaning the house during pregnancy.

5 Safe House Cleaning Tips for Pregnant Women

Tips aman membersihkan rumah saat hamil

Cleaning can be a tiring activity. Starting from cleaning windows, sweeping, mopping, washing, to rearrange your home furniture. In addition to drained energy, some cleaning activities also pose risks to the health of pregnant women.

If you plan to do housecleaning while pregnant, you should follow a few things you can and don't do below

1. Wear gloves and a mask

Cleaning the house exposes you to dirt and chemicals from cleaning agents. You need to know that dirt, such as dust can enter the body from the nose or mouth. If it enters the mouth, the dirt can increase your risk of getting sick.

Tips so that dust does not enter the nose or mouth of pregnant women when cleaning the house is to use a mouth mask. This mask can reduce the amount of dust inhaled by the nose and prevent dust from entering the mouth.

In addition, chemicals from cleansers can also enter the body through the pores of the skin. These substances do not make you fall ill immediately, but can disrupt hormone balance and cause skin irritation.

For this to happen, you need to use gloves before you start cleaning. Gloves become a shield for your skin from exposure to chemicals that interfere with hormones in the body.

Don't forget to double check the packaging label and make sure that the ingredients are safe for pregnant women.

2. Don't move heavy items

Dirt can be anywhere, including under the couch, chair, or other home furniture. If you need to move items that are heavy and large enough, you should ask for a partner or other family member to move the item.

These are house cleaning tips that must be considered when a woman is pregnant. The reason is, too much to move heavy items during the gamil can add pressure to the feet, hands, and back. This can increase the risk of pain and aches in the hands, back, and legs.

In addition, the American Pregnancy Association also advises pregnant women not to take objects that are in high places. Although you can use a chair to reach it, there is a risk of slipping and falling from the chair that could endanger your pregnancy. So, do not hesitate to ask for help from others.

3. Open the door and window

Tips to clean the house during pregnancy next is to open doors and windows. Why? When you sweep, dust and dirt on the floor and furniture will fly into the air.

By opening the window, allowing air circulation and removing dust in the house so it does not make you crowded.

4. Wash your hands and cleanse the body

Cleaning the house will definitely make your body sweat. This sticky body makes dirt easier to stick to the skin. Well, so that cleaning the house during pregnancy can run smoothly and you stay healthy, don't forget to take a shower.

Bathing can remove mold, dust, and bacteria that might stick to you while you are cleaning the house. That way, pregnant women can prevent skin problems due to exposure to these impurities.

Do not forget to change your clothes with new ones so that it does not cause itching and body odor. If you don't need a bath, you still need to wash your hands with soap and running water.

5. Don't forget to drink and rest

Although cleaning the house is important, you should not force yourself to solve everything yourself. If you are getting tired, you should take a minute to rest.

Do not forget to drink water so that body fluids remain balanced and you are energized again. If you really can't continue your work, ask your partner or family member to help get it done. To be sure, do not let you get tired.