Chubby cheeks sometimes make faces look adorable. However, not a few who consider it just annoying because it makes it look fat. Cheeks can be opaque due to fat deposits that are not evenly distributed in the face area. Well, the accumulation of fat in one area of ​​the face is often not realized because of your unhealthy habits. Is there a way to prevent chubby cheeks?

4 Ways To Prevent Cheeks Become Chubby

Tips for preventing Chubby's cheeks

1. Facial sports

Removing fat in the body can generally be overcome by exercise or exercise. So even with fat on the cheek. You can do facial exercises. Facial exercises are believed to make the cheeks look thinner and the muscles on the face become tighter, according to research from Aethestic Surgery in 2014,

Facial exercises to prevent cheeks from being puffed up due to excess fat can be done with a variety of movements.

For example by inflating and pushing the air inside the cheek to the right then the left. After that, you can also pucker your lips to the right and left. Afterwards, you can smile at the sight of your teeth being held for a few seconds.

Keep in mind that preventing cheeky cheeks by means of facial exercise is uncertain and its research is still a little. So, you can ask your doctor before doing this.

2. Avoid drinking excess alcohol

According to a 2011 study from the University of Navarra in Spain, drinking alcohol can cause considerable weight gain. This is because alcohol contains high calories but low in nutrients.

The more alcohol you consume, the more you gain weight, the more chubby your cheeks look.

To prevent chubby cheeks, the Center for Disease and Control Prevention, suggests limiting drinking to a maximum of 1 glass per day for women and 2 cups for men.

3. Avoid eating refined carbohydrates

Do you like snacking on food like cakes or biscuits everyday? If so, this can cause your cheeks to look chubby. Indirectly, high-sugar foods like pastries, biscuits, and also pasta, the basic ingredients are made from refined carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates of this type have become a common cause of weight gain and fat accumulation throughout the body. Snacks like biscuits also contain a little fiber, so it's easy to digest and makes you not stop snacking because it doesn't go full.

To be more sure, research from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at the diets of more than 42,000 adults over 5 years. The results found that participants who often eat processed carbohydrates have more fat. Automatic, this will also trigger the appearance of his cheeks becoming more opaque.

To prevent the appearance of cheeks become opaque, it is advisable to replace these unhealthy foods with foods such as wheat, vegetables, and fruit. In addition to preventing chubby cheeks, these foods can prevent weight gain. The skin on your cheeks also looks healthier and brighter in color because of the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables that you consume.

4. Limit eating salty foods

Salty foods do taste good on the tongue. The saltiness can also make you want to consume more similar foods. However, who would have thought that salty foods can cause cheeks to look big? Yes, salty foods generally contain a lot of salt or sodium.

Sodium in the body functions to hold water in the body, where there is a buildup or retention of fluids, including on the face. So, limit your daily salt intake, normally 1 teaspoon per day to prevent cheeks from becoming puffy and excess fluid in the body.