Welcome back again!!!!!
This is a short story I wanna share with you all my friend and I hope you not think concerned about me :)
I know this month it’s not good for me, for my life or my activities. Relationship is not easy as I thought. This is the last time I’m spending my day with him. For lucky I’m using the good outfit and I’m happy about that HAHAHAHA 
We can’t walked together if one of between us have different thought and commitment. He have someone who can giving him a spirit or make him happy too so I thought I must back off and pray to them. 

I’m really sad because he don’t understand what I want and always call my attitude is childish and compare my life  with his dream girl. I’m really angry when hear that from his mouth. He broke my heart and tears come flooding. I don't know if he can read this or not. I just want to pour out of my heart. I'm fine if he can happy with his dreamy girl, I'm really happy if it's happen in his life even I'm pray for the best for him. 

But now I have to make my life be better than. I try to move on and think a good thing, make plan for my life, plan for trip or etc

So, this is just my memories about last time when he picked me after church. we went to our favourite restaurant in Rawamangun. Lunch together with my little sister and he has wait to taking photo for my outfit HAHAHA. I know he is a good one but you know what I mean hehehehehe
Check this my pretty outfit and scroll down!!!!

He is always in my mind but I decide to move on and hope to find a good man. I’m not young anymore but I just wanna giving the best for my life sometimes I must to fight with the other opinion about age for women who not getting married when she have old age. What’s the problem about age???? when you getting married with a wrong man and you not happy it’s a big disaster in your life. 

I know human have a different opinion so I just want their can understand of decision every human especially women. I always have a dreamy for my little familly. I dreammy about my husband, my house and my career too. so I have to make a right decision and try to realize for my life. But in reality searching a good man it’s so difficult HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but I have to find one :)Last but no least, I am a shy girl who not confidence for ability. My friend or my familly must understand who Iam especially him. So thought I am disappointing. and he's decide find the other girl HAHAHAHAHA How about you? what’s your opinion? Have you the same story??? Let me know :))