Moana at Moana

Hello everyone, How was your week going so far? I also would like to said happy Ied Mubarak for all of my moslem friends, hopefully you all celebrating such a nice Raya day with your family. Anyway, I PASSED my final EXAM which mean I am officially a Doctor now! Thank you so much for all of you that pray for my exam, also you all that always read my blog post, I love you guys so and veeery much! <3

Now about this post, I wanna share to you a little story about my last visit to Moana Fish eatery,  its long time ago since I posted about my travelling diary, or eating diary. The story of me visiting Moana Fish Eatery was begin because I start to talk about Moana on my Instagram-Story, and one of my friend told me there’s a restaurant named ‘Moana’ in Bali, and the restaurant is pretty good. I was looking for some information about this restaurant before pay a visit and all the review said this place IS that nice. Finally few weeks ago I decide to came here and BOOOOMB! It was love at first sight, excatly like on my imagination. For me, Moana Fish eatery Bali is a tropical-themed restaurant that served fish in one-of-the-best-way at Bali.

Whoever the owner of this restaurant literally know how to take the ‘Moana’ ispired ambience to their place. Lets talk from the gate... While I just entered the gate, I’d be like “Okay, I already love this place” It was like a gate made my leaves that I mentioned, they’re small and tropical and made me feels like “Welcoming home”. Then of course I choose to sit under the “Moana” letter.

I'm indeed so happy, no further question. Thank you :)

Here’s some foods that I ordered:

Tuna Salad (I forgot the full name, will update this soon!)
This salad is soo good, the lettuce is so fresh that the sound made such a really nice ASMR voice. The sauce is taste sooooo goood I can’t resist the sauce that I cry. Moana Fresh Eatery Bali must be had a secret seasoning that nobody else ever made, their sauce in any form are taste so unique in good ways.

Moana’s (Literally forgot the name, will update this soon!)
This dish contain three elements: Grilled prawn, Grilled Tuna, and Grilled Snapper. It doesn’t smells like fish at all, that I like if I ate anything in fish form. All of them are well seasoned but still tender and juicy, that I kept asking how come? 

Coconut cheesecake dessert
This dessert is the one of the most light yet creamy cheesecake that I’ve ever tasted, it actually tasted weird at first bite, but then its actually tasted good at the next bites.

Ice Lemon Tea

Young Coconut with Moana's Main dish is BOMB!

Super comfortable place to eat or just hang out
Nice taste of foods
Big portion of foods and not so expensive price
Super helping waiters
The Decorations are sooo tropical
Bathroom ambience is the prettiest
Four thumbs up for the MUSIC in this restaurant

It getting hot while the restaurant full (they didn’t had AC in here)

4.8 / 5

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Even the TOMATO SAUCE also got some secret seasoning. Still tasted like tomato sauce but better, much better

Re-Visit? :

One of the best fish restaurant at Bali so far, I’m sure that Moana fresh Eatery’s chef know well how to seasoned their fish, also the dessert taste too heavenly good. I was so surprised bout the size of their foods, I tho it would be small, but NO its big, at least it in the right size to made me felt full. The Prices of those foods also not too high, remembering their location at Canggu, it also kinda surprised while saw the price list. Also comparing with the size of the foods, I consider its a big portion of foods. Otherwise, their foods also all good, not only the savory foods but also the dessert. No Wonder this Moana Restauran Bali got such a high rank on google *brb writing at google too, lol*.

The service of this restaurant are incredibly nice, the waiters help us in the best way possible without being intimidating (you know what I mean), also they really good at explained and recommended all of the foods at the menu (they even recommended different-same-kind of food just after I said I didn’t eat raw food before I asked) because I somehow really clueless about fish lol. Moana Restaurant Bali also provide you the best ‘tropical’ ambience that you could even imagine, I tho that’s why they didn’t provide AC on their place. The music, foods, ambience, decoration all of them gather together to provide you the best possible way to feeds your tropical needs. Indeed on of my-kind-of favorite restaurant.

PS: Moana Bali’s Restaurant had the most romantic toilet, they even put fresh ROSES infront of the mirror  there. RESPECT!

Moana Fish Eatery Bali
Jalan Raya Batu Bolong No. 28, Canggu, Badung, Kuta Utara, Bali. 80361
Phone: 081238158373
Open Hours: 11am – 11 pm
Instagram: @moanabali