Comeback again for my blog!!!
We know every girl always confused how to get a formal outfit. Like business women they using bored tshirt and trousers and they not try to combine with other fresh clothes. But after the development of fashion formal dress it's not bored now.

So, this post I wanna tell to you how i combine plain tshirt with a line skirt. For my plain tshirt I get from local brand (if you follow me in instagram you must know the name of the local shop). First I think to combine with jeans but I think again 'I guess it's to bored too because every girl using like that and I want appear different between them :)" so I get idea for my cute skirt. You can scroll this in below :

I try black colours to unite for my outfit and giving brown line skirt so don't make all of my outfit dark HAHAHAHA. This outfit can using for formal or just relax in good situation. I can using like this for office or going to church or meet my friends too 

I think this good idea for teenager going to interview or meet client HAHAHA 
I hope this make inspiration for you and you can find me in instagram. Let's be friend too :)  

So that's it and see you in my next post!!!!