Often times when I don't know what to wear, I will think about shoes first and my head goes to wedges shoes. I want to change the idea of comfort dressing; it doesn't always have to look messy. I love how I can find my old jeans skirt and combined it with the long sleeves top with a big bow on it. Thinking about comfort I always start with denim first. If I'm going for comfort I like to think of a tee, a top, a cardigan, anything that I can punch up with a few accessories and a pair of comfortable wedges. For my hijab, comfort means only a layer of scarf with 1 or two pin and it wraps my head comfortably. 

Steal my look:
Hijab : wearing Ima Fabric and it's super comfortable
Top : Hijabi House
Skirt : Levis
Pants : Zara
Shoes : Pedro

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Ola Ayu