Salam guys,

I've just turned 26 on January 20 and yes I had a blast, I received so many love, birthday wishes, presents and cakes! I spent my birthday with happiness that came from family, Best friends, friends and lovely fiance. 

First in the morning, my family woke me up with cake and candles, mom said that my sisters really troublesome her with the preparation, aww thanks girls <3 during the day, I got so many surprises from everyone surrounds me, I really had no idea that they thrown me so many cakes and birthday gifts, I really had a blast Alhamdulilah. Rifki and I also had a great birthday dinner together, I really thank him for loving me that much. Alhamdulilah ya Allah :)

Here are some pictures from January 20, 2016.

Actually, I had planned on posting this on my birthday, but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to do so. So here are some pictures that I prepared for my birthday edition. Thanks to Natasha for the photos <3

With Love,
Ola Ayu