Dating Foreign 101

Since some of you said its okay to posted something personal, here I go again with some personal stuff.

It was awkward for me, our first date. He agreed that we gonna meet at one of my fave cafe, he was some minutes late that I got a chance to done some deadlined blog post. LOL. Since it was a first date and I literally feels so awkward that I choose the biggest, like the biggest table to avoid any contact hahahaha. Long story short, he was arrived to the cafe with super casual outfit and the talks goes soft and nice. I felt like I'm talking to my old friend, but in English. 

We talk maybe about 3 hours, and it's non stop, like-literally a reounion of two old friends. Of course, we know wherever we gonna go (the talks), we ARE not going to be just friends (at least it how I felt). He explained me about his life, works, short of the family of his, and so many others thing that I can't explained here. I told him that I am the kind of person that judging people by how the 'talks' going, and so far I like how the talks going with him. Actually, its kinda surprising that we laugh over each other's joke even when we are from different kind of culture. I'm impressed, and I'm done pretending that I'm not interested to him hahahaha.

We both know that we both love beach so much, so while he said lets go to the beach its kinda hard to say no. But, of course as a woman I should said NO at first, girls you know what I mean hahahaha. So yeah, its end up going to the beach at about 8 PM, its kinda crazy but also so fun to see beach at night. At the moment like it could be more 'dating', some random group of people just play with some fireworks hahahahaha, the world must be really want me to experienced such a nice dating time. 

It was a nice first date.