At first, I was introduced to this Lancome Youth Concentrate by my close friend, I thought that it sounded so overrated hahaha! She kept telling me that this product is the holy grail! I mean, how come it could make a difference within 7 days? Until a half year later then, Lancome and Beauty Journal approached me to try this hella good product! Which happened to be last week...

This well-known face serum's new formula is enriched with a new complex of 7 prebiotics and probiotic fractions selected to deliver great nutrients to the skin and its microbiome. Yes, I was that curious! 

In the same way, this Lancome Youth Concentrate is formulated to fulfill your expectation of radiant-looking skin. Specifically targeted to minimize, even so reducing texture, fine lines, wrinkles. All at once! 

At first glance, it seems super luxurious! I love how it's made from firm glass in a black to white gradient glass bottle. Made to be hygienic and not redundant, it comes with a silver push down dropper dispenser. No worries, it's all in good hand.

The concentrate feels so light-weight and has fast-absorbent ingredient as a plus point. It's not fully white yet translucent with the light floral scent! Found it so soothing.


Sometimes, I can't certainly sense the improvement on my skin, until my mom saw it first! She said my skin looks clearer and a little bit more radiant. To be frankly honest, it's quite crucial for me trying out new serum.. 

Because, once it's too heavy, harsh, serum easily breaks out my skin. Last time I tried a serum, it caused milia on my eye-bag. Although it has fragrance on it, it's safe for my combination skin! My skin doesn't get oily or greasy as well. I feel my skin gets smoother, radiant every time..

I can't wait to sense the other greater good improvements on my skin. Patiently waiting till i finish my first bottle. Thank you a bunch @beautyjournal and @lancomeofficial ! <3

See you in the next review,
Love, Ker.