Hair transplant surgeon in Chennai is well known for outstanding surgical performances. These surgeons usually use the most advanced or high tech tools for completing the surgery with great success. These tools are purchased only from branded manufacturers so that patients can receive highly satisfied hair transplant results.

The surgeon should know the correct or perfect usage of these tools while conducting the concerned surgery. Only licensed and knowledgeable surgeons will make correct tool usage during surgical strikes. Only flexible tools are now getting used by these surgeons so that the surgical task can be accomplished nicely and safely.

Major Tools:

Some of the essential or vital tools that are getting used by effficient hair transplant surgeon in Chennai are as follows:

Cole Instrument Punches: High quality surgical punches can be done only with the concerned instrument. The device is very much advanced and this is why the surgeons love using the same for making the hair punched at the time of hair transplantation. Mechanical extractor can be used for utilizing the device or else manual effort can also be implemented.

Manual Punch Needle: This needle is usually available in customized form so that the hair punching can be effectively done. The kinds of surgical punches are razor sharp in nature and thus punching can be smoothly done.

Incision Device: It is the most important device with the help of which incisions are mace in scalp for hair grafting. Without this device, the process of hair transplantation cannot be completed successfully. This device needs to be operated in quite a safe manner so that post surgical complications or side effects can be easily avoided.

Forceps: Scalp hair grafting can be now highly assisted by this particular instrument. Small hairs can be easily managed by the same. From extraction site, grafts are being properly set with this device.

Graft Processing Board: Without this board, graft processing cannot be done smoothly and efficiently. This board can be of different types and the hair transplant surgeon is the right person to choose the appropriate one. This board is used along with other necessary accessories like graft storage boards, ring graft storage, donor template and many more.

Many more tools are getting used these days by best hair transplant surgeons of the town. In fact, these tools lie behind the success of hair transplantation surgery. To be more precise, graft processing of hairs can be now efficiently performed with the use of these tools.