Ordinary typhoid disease occurs when bacteria called Salmonella Thypti enters the intestine through food breed freely in our intestines and then spread throughout the body to cause a high fever for the patient. Thypti entry of Salmonella bacteria can happen when we less hygiene. for example, do not wash your hands before eating, drinking contaminated water, or that has not been cooked directly so Thypti Salmonella bacteria enter our gut and cause disease typhoid.

For those of you who may be disease typhoid good to read a review on how to naturally treat typhoid already proven this to completion.

Typhoid disease usually affects children above the age of one year, but that does not rule out the possibility of this typhoid disease affects adults. how to naturally treat typhoid may not be as practical as a doctor to treat it straight or by taking fever-lowering drugs. but so often is not a way to cure typhoid rapidly and the reaction is only for a moment so that within one day of high fever can strike back. without much further ado following is information about information related to how to treat typhoid most potent naturally more:

How to Treat Typhoid

1. Young Sapodilla
Prepare 3 pieces of light brown then grated and squeezed the brown water, then drink the water from the juice of the sapodilla earlier regularly. for children just once in one day, while for adults good 3 days

2. Turmeric
Prepare 2 segment turmeric that has been thinly sliced ​​and add with 20 leaves and 11 leaves of bitter kola, then boiled these ingredients together and then drink the boiled water 3 times a day

3. Cucumber
Apparently cucumbers can also treat typhoid, easy enough to use, you only need to prepare 2 pieces of cucumber and grate and squeeze until smooth. after the last drink cucumber juice 3 times a day on a regular basis to keep the heat right down

4. Curcuma
Sliced ​​thin 2-finger knuckle of ginger and boil with 2 cups of water until it becomes a glass of water and drink once a day

5. Earthworm
In addition to enrich the soil, earthworms was also able to be a natural remedy to overcome the disease typhoid. way, prepare the 10 heads of earthworms then wash its entrails and then boiled with 500cc water. wait for it to boil then drink the cooking water when it is still warm when it is cold because the fishy taste of earthworms will be felt

Such information can be admin convey on this occasion about the article discusses tips on how to treat the most potent naturally typhoid, may be useful under on you all. good luck and get well.