Pregnancy and get a descent is a great expectation like the couple, especially for those who are newly married. The presence of the baby in the family life adds to complete the atmosphere. The moment when the pregnancy test showed positive results, is a moment that is highly anticipated by the couple for those who crave the presence of the next generation of the family.

But sometimes, in hopes of getting pregnancy and offspring felt began to fade when the long-awaited pregnancy is yet to come as well. Stress and despair descend many couples who have long been waiting for. Sometimes this condition makes a lot of the family are in harmony with the result of divorce because of this case. Actually many cases that it is difficult for a husband and wife get a descent, at the start of the disease, hormonal disorders, disorders of the reproductive system and various other things that of course this needs to be done further tests and treatment to overcome it. But there are times when a husband and wife is hard to get pregnant due to lack of basic knowledge about pregnancy, so pregnancy is yet to come in the future as well.

Here are some tips that can be done to the couple in order to quickly get pregnant:
Pray To The Almighty

Man can only plan and tried, while the Lord would determine everything. Therefore, proceed with your business by praying to Him, so that as soon as the gift is endowed pregnancy. Prayer is so powerful, which is able to realize the impossible becomes possible. So, pray!
Check with your health condition

The first thing to do is to conduct a medical examination that includes your own body's health, about your reproductive system, fertility and other things to the experts. Consult this case both the husband and wife. This is an important asset for the occurrence of pregnancy and to be known by the couple, because if there is a constraint on these things, of course, needed further care and treatment and not just the tips. If after your condition checked and declared healthy and your partner, then perhaps the next tips can be useful and can do.
Implementing Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing that is important is a healthy lifestyle. Here's what you should consider:

If you happen to be a husband or a smoker, you should stop smoking. as well as drinking habits alkhohol.

drink alcohol at all reduce the chances of pregnancy by up to 50%

Ensure Your Weight Not Less / No More (ideal) because of less weight / more but can complicate conception, is also a problem when you are pregnant. As for men, being underweight can reduce sperm formation.

Diligent Sports, thus the condition of your body always fit and in the process would be greater fertilization occurs.

Nutritious Balanced Diet in nutrient laden foods needed for a healthy pregnancy in the future.
Know Your Fertile Period

Fertile period is characterized by a significant increase in luteinizing hormone just before ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries). The increase in LH will push the egg out of the ovary to the fallopian tubes. In the fallopian tubes can occur fertilization by sperm. Times is called the fertile period, when the egg is there and ready to be fertilized. The egg is in the fallopian tube for about 3-4 days, but only up to the age of 2 days of the most good for fertilization, after which it dies.

To find out how to calculate your fertile period, please read our article:

Calculating the Fertile Period
Know and Avoid Problems Fertility (Infertility)

Fertility problems caused by disruption of the reproductive system in women and the decline in the quality and quantity of sperm in men. A study shows that fertility problems due to occur in 40% of women, 40% as a result of men and 30% due to both.

Many fertility experts who found the man on top position during intercourse provides the best chance for pregnancy. To be effective, a woman can prop her hips with a pillow so her cervix can accommodate a lot of sperm. Keep after ejaculation occurs between spouses, for 10-20 minutes so that the woman remained in a lying position. Do not move out of this attitude lie in minutes this time because semen will melt, and when the woman got up semen will flow back to the acid environment of the vagina and the sperm to weaken and die. It is also an order that a woman's fertility can be maintained.
Relaxed atmosphere Presents At Associated

This husband and wife related activities should be conducted in a relaxed and romantic. The fertile period arrived and planned to have sex, be sure to allow enough time. If the completion of a work activity, rest in advance to allow time for refreshing the body. Bathing can be a way for the body to be refreshed. Keep the mood and be relaxed, do not get too stressed in sexual intercourse, for example, think about whether the "activity" this time will produce a pregnancy.
Know Basic Knowledge Regarding Occurrence of Pregnancy

It is also important to know by the couple in order to serve as an overview to get pregnant. Knowing how much the number of normal sperm, cervical conditions when the fertile period, how long the sperm from reaching the egg and so on. The details about the process of pregnancy.
Vitamin drink

To get pregnant, vitamin and type of foods contain substances that are needed for fertility is very important for you and your partner. Vitamin C, one of them, can improve the quality of sperm. Consuming 1000 mg and 10 mcg of vitamin D or vitamin E can increase the fertility of men and women. And women who take folic acid have better chances of getting pregnant than those who did not consume it. Folic acid also plays an important role in the formation of the fetal brain tube later.