How to cope with hemorrhoid disease is not as easy as we want. As with other diseases, hemorrhoids also have a causal effect of such event. Hemorrhoid is a disease that appears on the anus and hemorrhoids are also often referred to as hemorrhoids.

The causes of hemorrhoid disease can be caused by the disease offspring therefore, harm the attitude or motion in the exercise, and too much when sitting or standing.

Hemorrhoid disease consists of two parts, namely the outer hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid inside. External hemorrhoid is marked by the appearance of a lump around the anus and often itchy and slightly horrified. As for the hemorrhoids will be bleeding while defecating, but if allowed to continue it will appear like a lump outside hemorrhoid.

Piles will appear with the following symptoms:

1. It often feels uncomfortable in the anus
2. Discharge of mucus
3. The presence of blood that comes out through the anus
4. Experiencing secondary anemia
5. If you feel some of the above symptoms, try to check into the nearest doctor to know more clearly about your health.

How to Overcome Hemorrhoid Disease

As already described above, that the disease is in the anus hemorrhoid. So often feels pain during defecation and some time. Given these events, the state is torturing you. But you can try to treat hemorrhoids with the following ways:

Applying Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy life style or pattern would provide excellent impact, not only for hemorrhoid disease but will further provide for the health of organs other woods. If you previously did not think too much about the future health of the body so now try to change slowly. If you often sit daily, then try at times to stand for a while to stretch the muscles of the body. If you sit most of their daily life then you should always augment drinking water, because it can make the blood vessels is always smooth and not make the body lack of fluids. Do not forget to pay attention dikosumsi food, and multiply-eat fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Mangosteen skin

As some previous posts, mangosteen is also important to maintain a healthy body. But here we take manggisnya skin to cope with hemorrhoid disease. The way to prepare and wash and dry the mangosteen peel, after you soak it with boiling water, and then take the mangosteen peel with water filter. And please you drink water regularly until the hemorrhoid disease disappeared.

Maintaining Health

Always When a bowel movement to clean your anal area as well and really clean. But in the cleaning do not try to use soap because it can add to the irritation. Drying use soft tissue and can be used for baby wipes.

Soursop Leaf

Same with other herbs, soursop is also important to address the human disease. With the content of anonol, annocatacin, annocatalin, annonacin, annomuricin, annohexocin, anomurine, acetogenins, linoleic acid, muricapentocin caclourine, gentisic acid, gigantetronin. It can help keep the immune system and eliminate hemorrhoid.

Often Drinking Milk

Milk has content that is very good for the body, one for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is actually recommended to multiply mengkosumsi fiber foods, but here milk can also be a backup of the fiber foods.

leaves Bandotan

Bandotan very much grown in Indonesia, this plant is often found on the side of the road, fields, and bushes. Bandotan has been tested and found to cure hemorrhoids, if you do not know how to shape bandotan can search on google. As for how to cure you are the following:

Method 1

Take bandotan young leaves as many as 5 pieces
Clean with water and roll it by hand
Then insert it into your anus with every 1 a day to 2 weeks in a row.

Method 2

Take bandotan young leaves then wash.
Then soak in hot water
Then strain and take the water
Drinking water with regularly up to 2 weeks.

3 ways

3 Remove the tree and its roots and wash bandotan
Boil hot water
Drinking water every day to 2 weeks.

Follow the way to overcome the above hemorrhoid properly and regularly to get maximum results. In the course of treatment may not be resolved immediately, because it takes the process.