Natural Ways to Treat Eye. How to make a swollen eye medication, how to treat an eye with traditional natural materials, and materials or leaves what can treat sore eyes? Have you experience eye pain, I'm sure everyone must have felt sore eyes, whether it was limited to pain, soreness or even worse making the eye becomes blurred.

Causes of eye pain were mostly occur due to allergy, infection, or lack of fluid in the eye that results in dry eyes so the eyes feel sore. It also looked at the object of focus or too exaggerated and rarely blink can cause dry eyes so that your eyes stinging, this usually happens when a person is or is too long at the computer, playing games and watching television, so I forget to blink. Well with frequent winks lubrication process will occur on the eye so that it can avoid the dryness that makes the eyes red and sore.

In addition to the above factors eye pain can be caused by lack of sleep, lack of nutrition is also weakening the immune system or that often occur due to seasonal eye pain even contagious. Thus biasanay eye sore outbreak and spread from one person Keyang other. Such events often occur in a family or group that often interact or frequent direct eye contact. This type of eye disease Javanese people call this disease "or beleken belek" you already feel? it felt incredible pain in the area around the eyes, dizziness, watery too. Eye disease belek types will last long enough for about two weeks to a month sometimes not recovered depending on the type of treatment undertaken.

If you have eye disease, take immediate steps so that treatment does not cause problems even for greater irritation and infection. So what should we do when your eyes hurt?

How to Treat Eye Pain Naturally

1. Compress the eyes with warm water, intervenes when sore eyes to reduce swelling and relieve pain in the eye.

2. Reduce watching TV, watching television for too long if you experience eye pain even make eye would be extra work, thus making the eyes will get worse, you should use your time to break with the often close my eyes or sleep.

3. Immediately treat with natural herbal ingredients, to avoid long-term adverse effects, how to take a few pieces of betel leaves, wash until boiled with a little salt add to boiling water then lift the fireplace wait until it is cold, filtered using a clean cloth then use face wash three times a day.

Well with these natural ingredients can eliminate puffy eyes, eye pain beleken. Good luck, and so little of our articles and get well.