Migraine or usually referred to as a type of migraine headache disease which is very annoying. Where headache sufferers can reduce the level of work productivity due to her complaints.

Factors that cause migraine vary widely due to factors such as hormonal, dental pain, lack of sleep, stress, and other causes. Migraine sufferers are generally experienced by women as by the results of the research showed that 30% of women are more susceptible than men to suffer migrants who only reaches 20% only.

Migrant disease can appear at any time and anywhere and therefore to be more careful when taking chemical drugs to cope with this disease, because it can actually make you into dependency and here is how.

Consumption of food rich in Vitamin B2

At Vitamin B2 have a property to relieve migrants are able to act as an aspirin can cure a headache, examples of foods that are rich in Vitamin B2 as meat, yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs, liver, green vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, spinach), and also nuts. With vitamin B2 daily for 3 months as much as 400 mg per day may reduce the risk of migraines by 50%.

It also can take supplements of vitamin B2 can be found in the market / pharmacy. According to research that by taking supplements of vitamin B2 may help reduce the severity of migraine disease and vitamin B2 supplements also include safe as it can be consumed by pregnant women as well.

Warm Ginger Tea

Next is another way that you can do to cope with migraine is to drink hot ginger tea. You should know that ginger has been widely used by the Arabs, Indians and Chinese in treating migrants.

Inside there is a anti-inflammatory properties of ginger that can help inhibit prostaglandin synthesis or chemical compounds that can trigger migrants. Drinking ginger tea can reduce the duration and severity of migraine headaches when you are attacked. In order to get the most you can also mencapurkan little honey, lemon, or milk into the drink warm ginger tea.

Drink Containing Caffeine

In addition to caffeine can be used for relieving sleepiness, can also be used to reduce the pain of migraine. But the thing to remember is to not mengkomsumsinya excessively because it will actually aggravate your migraine, enough consumption of 1 to 2 glasses just to ease the pain of your migraines. Examples of caffeinated beverages you can try is coffee, chocolate and the.


Hydrotherapy is a healing technique using water migraine. The second way is to insert your feet into cold water and place a warm cloth on your neck.

This can help expedite the flow of blood from head to toe. After that it could be a bath with warm water which is useful to reduce the strain on the neck and back.

Magnesium Rich Food

According to research showing that magnesium deficiency is one of the originators onset of migrants. Therefore multiply the consumption of foods rich in magnesium to prevent and relieve migrants can appear suddenly. Our bodies can not make your own for the magnesium needed to consume foods that contain magnesium such as leafy green vegetables and nuts.

Function in magnesium can relax the tension on the nerves, muscles and nerve impulses flow throughout the body and brain. For that by taking magnesium 200 to 600 mg per day may help prevent the onset of headaches.

Hopefully the information that I submit can be useful for all of us who are sick get well soon because healthy is expensive.