Perhaps for those of you who do not know how to treat headaches and made ​​it difficult to treat dizziness. Headaches can be caused by several factors, for example due to stress, a lot of thought, heat and so on.

indeed spele disease but it will snagat disturbing, especially for people who are busy with activities, many ways to treat headaches in addition to treating headaches using drugs, the following ways to treat headache naturally you can do while busy with work hours.

Here's How to Overcome Headaches

1. massage
For first aid in dealing with the headache that is the massage, you can try is by massaging your temples or neck, this method can reduce the headache in the natural and by massaging the temples, neck, shoulders too can make us sleep soundly

2. Stretching
Headaches caused by body movement can rarely treated with stretching of the body, ie the movement of the neck movement chin down, up, to the left and right side. then you can stretch the shoulders upwards and play. lakukannlah stretch every day in spare time work for 10-20 minutes each day, this method can reduce muscle tension that makes the body become stiff and sore head rest.

3. Get plenty of rest
Lack of sleep will make our brains become much thought and stress, at least the man takes a break for 7-8 hours a day to keep the body fresh, if your headache then go to sleep for the rest of your brain.

4. Ice cubes
Ice cubes could actually treat headaches, ice can make the dead pain in the body, if you feel pain using a cloth wrap ice cubes then put it on the back of your neck to relieve pain in the head
Protect eyes.

5.Melindungi Eyes
Light and excessive computer radiation to the eye will certainly cause a headache, for that if you work all day at the computer out of the house was a moment to breathe fresh air and put on anti-radiation monitors that awake eyes from excessive light monitor.

How to Deal with Head Pain treat headaches without drugs above can be done at home with ease, if within 3 days of headaches do not go away then you are required to go to the doctor, the above methods may be useful for you and your headache pain quickly recover.