Are you familiar Moringa leaves, Moringa leaf is a plant that often grows wild in the countryside, it has a variety of Moringa leaves are good for the health benefits. Village community believe that Moringa leaves or leaf Murong could be a lightning rod. It is said that the benefits of Moringa leaves can counteract this lightning has often dipraktek rural communities when the buffalo shepherd in the rain.

Whether true or not, certainly Moringa leaves are very many benefits for health. Do you know what are the health benefits of Moringa leaves. Here we will explain some of the health benefits of moringa leaves as summarized from various sources.

Moringa leaves for Health Benefits

1. Moringa leaves lower cholesterol
Speaking of cholesterol you definitely feel hate and gregetan. Perhaps because cholesterol can stimulate various diseases in the body. If ana hates the bad cholesterol, also why eating greasy foods is not healthy, hehe. OK, actually the cholesterol in the body is also an important role for health, but it should be good cholesterol called HDL or High Density Lipoprotein. While the bad cholesterol or LDL disbeut with Low Density Lipoprotein is a puppeteer for any dangerous diseases in the body such as stroke, heart, etc.

If you are afraid of the bad cholesterol but still love to eat fried food and junk food, it means that one's own, but you can minimize the bad cholesterol in the body by consuming Moringa leaves. Take Moringa leaves and cook the vegetables become translucent. If you do not want to eat dayuran Moringa leaves, there are other ways that you can do in order to get the benefits of Moringa leaves is by consuming Moringa leaf extract. You can get the Moringa leaf extract at the drug store, but choose a trusted drugstore.

2. Benefits of Moringa leaves as an anti-inflammatory
Another benefit is as an anti-inflammatory. Moringa leaves contain very many substances such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals didalmnya when compared with other vegetables. That is why the moringa leaf extract may be useful in preventing the formation of a variety of cells, including tumor diseases that could occur anytime.

3. Moringa leaves treat pain, tired and weary
Do you suffer from fatigue, tiredness, pain dipersendian? if you really experience it, try using this powerful way is by utilizing Moringa leaves as natural herbs to treat the above complaints including pain, tired, tired. Why is this so? Moringa leaves contain substances as body warmers, and contains pterigospermin.

How to use Moringa leaves as a pain medication is by mashing taste etc. Moringa leaves. Then place and apply the results of the impact on the body that feels pain, tired or exhausted. Here are some health benefits of Moringa leaves that must be known, since these plants are easily available in the forest-forest.