How to Treat Ringworm Disease Naturally - Ringworm is a type of disease caused by fungus, ringworm will provide tremendous itching on the sufferer, so the itching will stimulate the patient to scratch it. The stronger the more it will scratch the itch and continue to make people want to scratch it, because he said there was delight when scratched. But keep in mind that ringworm will widen if scratched.

If you are one of the people with ringworm, you would know how it feels. Here we will try to share how to treat ringworm ringworm naturally, hopefully it can help you in dealing with ringworm that attack you.

How to Treat Ringworm Naturally

1. Using galangal
Galangal is a spice plant species although shaped bulbs. Galangal housewife usually used for cooking in the kitchen. But galangal proved very useful to repel diseases caused by fungi. One is ringworm, so ginger can be used to treat ringworm.

The trick is:
Take galangal and ends up bruised or crushed shaped brush, dip it in vinegar and apply on affected skin ringworm. Do it twice a day until the disease is cured ringworm.

2. Using garlic
Garlic is also a kitchen spices or ingredients to cook in the kitchen. Garlic turns out to have properties outside biasany primarily to treat ringworm and other diseases caused by fungi. Garlic contains a lot of sulfur in it so that the taste of raw garlic is very bitter. If it's easy to treat ringworm, Take a few cloves of garlic and mash until smooth, then apply on the affected skin ringworm, scabies or other things caused by fungi. Do it twice a day until healed.

In addition to treating ringworm of garlic is also good to be eaten raw which can smooth the blood and eradicate various types of bad bacteria in the body and boost immunity.

3. Using Sulfur
Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral that is generally obtained from natural springs of volcanic highlands (mountains), sulfur is also a chemical element represented by S. Sulfur is a nonmetallic element that is not tasteless. Benefits of sulfur is able to treat all kinds of diseases that cause itchiness. Sulfur can also be obtained in tokok drug.

How to treat ringworm with sulfur is by applying a liquid sulfur that you buy at the drug store, Apply on the affected area of ​​skin ringworm. Let stand a few minutes (40 minutes) and then rinse clean, Do it twice a day until your ringworm run away.

So how to treat ringworm naturally and quickly, for those of you who are experiencing this skin disease is proper to use natural ingredients to treat your ringworm. Use one of the above ways that you think is simple or you think is easy to do. May be useful.