"Health is wealth" the saying goes. You can not say enough produce wealth when you are sick. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are 5 tips for healthy living that can be applied in your daily life for your healthy life.

1. Food. The health of each person depends on what he eats. People were eating and a balanced diet; rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, fats and oils and water will certainly healthy.

His body will develop enough antibodies that will fight against each antigen into the body. All cells and tissues damaged by everyday activities will be refilled. One another, people who eat a balanced diet will get sick from time to time.

Also, people who consume a lot of alcohol, smoking, taking hard drugs etc, would endanger his health. Things will destroy the immune system, cells and tissues.

This would lead to diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. .Pertanyaannya come to you now, what do you eat? What do you usually eat? Think and act now for a healthy life-style you :)

2. Sports. Sport is very important for healthy living. This allows us to stretch the muscles and tissue, burn fat in our body, making the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and excretory systems we work well.

Exercise makes us sleep and rest well. The benefits derived from sports so much. There are different types of exercise that we can do such as: walking, running, jumping, dancing, jogging, cycling, football, basketball, etc.

You can choose from one of them. Try as much as possible sweat. Exercise at least two hours each week. No matter you are a tight schedule to make time to exercise.

3. Take a break. The body is like a machine that can break if not refrigerated after working hours - hours. Rest helps your body become more fresh, more efficient and more productive course.

When we rest, your metabolism slows down, and when the repair was done on cells and tissues. Some people have abused their bodies with work throughout the year and is ultimately damaging their body system. Take a moment to vacation and relax, this is very good for your health.

4. Work. The work is very important to maintain a healthy life. Work can create wealth, and wealth is used to maintain a healthy life. A word proverb says "He who does not work should not eat".

And we know the implications of ill-health and death. Never be lazy, there are many things to do to create wealth, get involved in your work and make your life happy.

5. Environment. Where we live determines our state of health. An environment, mosquito-prone dirty, the air polluted area would endanger our health. If we keep our environment clean, then surely our lives will always be healthy.

Our health can be maintained or destroyed depending on our lifestyle. Therefore keep a healthy lifestyle today.