Fever is the type of symptoms that often affects children. But it is also possible that the fever also affects adults although sometimes in rare frequency. When fever attack we have to know how to cure or treat a fever that is not severe and can be recovered quickly.

Maybe we never imagined that when small we are often treated by our parents to the various things that happen to us, including fever. But what if you're alone diperantauan away with the family, of course you should be alert and astute in curing dengue peru quickly even without medication. In this article we will be sharing how to cure fever quickly and easily.

1. Drink plenty of warm water many
When the body of a fever, the body is in an unstable state due to the toxins in our body that feels fever. Well, one powerful way to cure a fever is to remove toxins in the body to keep the body fit and healthy back. So how do I remove toxins. The trick is to drink lots of warm water. Warm water can remove toxins through urine or urinary. Eat as much as much of its water and eat less solid food.

2. Compressed with ice
Another way in curing fever is by mengompresnya premises ice cubes. Take an ice cube and put it into a cloth and compress (put) on your forehead. Also put ice cubes in your stomach. It is intended that the body temperature of the heat right down. When the body temperature tends to fever heat so you have to lower the body temperature.

3. Break
If you have to compress your body, immediately try to get rest well. Good rest is sleep, then go to bed and cover your body with a cloth or gloves, Keep up your sweat. Sleep well let your body work to stop the fever is present in your body.

If you are feeling nauseous and want to vomit, then you will get well soon. What you should do is to immediately vomit up what you have in your stomach, and do not let your gag restraint, because who would you spend it is a toxic food that is in your body.

Here are 3 ways to cure fever quickly and you do not need a doctor who will only be presented with chemical drugs that would be bad for the health of the body in a long time outreach. A few of our tips to cure fever, may be useful.