This time I will share tips about the handling and treatment of infected wounds. Jump to the "scene", apasih the wound, ciaaa there's still a question. For those who don't know what a wound is? Injuries are parts of body tissue that are lost or damaged caused by trauma due to sharp or blunt objects, changes in temperature, electric shock or animal bites. Wounds are disorders of the skin's normal condition. Now you know.

Under normal conditions, the wound will heal by itself with the treatment of hygienic wounds. But what if it's already infected, let's discuss it. What are the characteristics of an infected wound, as follows:

Initial characteristic shown are wound does not go at least a week to dry out after treated with an antiseptic solution, marked itching and keep the output clear fluid from the wound. And if this condition is not immediately followed up then there are two possibilities that will happen. First wound looked as if it dries marked visible scar tissue dries, but actually in the layer is going stronger the infection process, not just a clear liquid that comes out again but abscess fluid mixed with blood that will come out when the dry layer on tap or squeezed . The second condition is that no symptoms of injury coating that dries but lukaakan looks wet and tends to get his arms extended networks and is characterized also by a discharge of pus.

And what should I do? Okay I will try to share how to handle it based on my personal experience. Look at this:

1. Make sure the wound to be treated has been cleaned with a clean cloth or tissue, do not use water to clean the wound, use rivanol liquid. For the first step after infection is to use gauze pads on wet rivanol / wet all parts of the gauze and compress the infected wound by placing a soaked rivanol gauze over the wound, let stand about 3 minutes and then press gently to all sides of the wound with the intention that dirt and the rest of the rest of the pus out and then lift the gauze pads. Then the important thing to do is to dry the wound that has been compressed by means of rivanol and ensure that the wound is completely dry from liquid rivanol.

2 .Because the wound is infected it is not enough to use betadine or iodine alone, for this use a special ointment wound infection, which I use is wound ointment kemicitine / kalmicetine. This special ointment for wound infection, use just enough to average over the surfaces of the wound and the wound.

3. After steps one and two, the next step is to wrap the wound in sterile gauze, don't wrap it too tight because this will only slow down the healing process because moisture is drained from closing the wound too tightly, cool it loose and most importantly the wound is completely closed.

4. Step most special of the three steps above are praying for a cure to the Almighty. Because there is great power and healing in his hands.

Well, usually after this stage in 3 days God willing, will show positive signs. Characterized by drying the wound at the beginning of the outside. The disappearance of the symptoms of red kidney around the wound, and the wound looks more beautiful than before he he J. If you have this thanksgiving, and stop using the ointment continue with the use of betadine / red medicine and keep the cleanliness of his arms thoroughly clean. Heal, try not to get wet first if not too dry. Simple and easy isn't it. Good luck with quick recovery.