Influenza or more commonly known as the flu is a viral infection that occurs in the respiratory apparatus such as the nose, throat and lungs, thus affecting the working of the nose, throat and the most rare, your lungs. Flu illness can be easily transmitted and spread easily from one person to another through sharing ways such as sharing drinks, sharing eating utensils, direct contact, as well as coughing and sneezing. (Flu germs do not care if they spread through touch or air, provided they can get into your body).

Main Causes of Disease Flu or Colds

Influenza (flu) is a type of infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae (the influenza viruses). Symptoms of the disease usually occurs among which chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains, saki head feels heavy, coughing, weakness / fatigue and general discomfort.

How To Treat Diseases Flu or Colds

Well, after we mengeahui what things can cause the flu, it's time I share tips about how your way of overcoming the flu or a cold. Here are 12 Tips on How to Overcome Flu or Colds Naturally:

1. Expand the Drinking Water
Why should drink water puith? the answer is simple, because the water does have a myriad of benefits that include also can help treat the flu or a cold. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water puith / day. It is intended to keep your throat clean from germs that can cause colds.

2. Consume Drinks Warm
In addition to the water to reproduce minu you can also consume beverages warm for example, water puith warm, water hot tea, coffee and so on. Why should warm drinks? The answer is because at the time the flu, there will be a lot of wasted fluid through the mucus, saliva and sweat. Therefore, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water, utjuannya to replace lost body fluids. Why should the water warm? because warm fluids can help reduce congestion, prevent dehydration, and throat were disrupted. In addition, the steam from hot drinks can also help thin the mucus. So, if you flu immediately drink the warm!

3. Resting Total
Conditions tired body will cause a weakened immune and flu will strike when the condition of the body whose immune system is weakened. Therefore, it is advisable for you to do a complete rest and stop working for a while, so that your immune system menjagi back like it should.

4. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
When the weakened condition of your body, your body's auto-immune system will be weakened. Thus the intake of vitamins and minerals are needed untum help restore the body and helps improve the immune system to prevent disease meudah

5. Use Aroma Onions
Onions which we know as one of the many spices, it also can be used as medicine to treat the flu. The aroma of onions (scallions, red, wite) can serve as a catalyst in the discharge and nasal wash. The trick, hold the onions on the bottom of the nostril and inhale the aroma for about 5 minutes. Have a good luck!

6. Traditional Steam Therapy
Evaporation is one of the traditional ways that are believed effective to overcome the flu. The trick input into a basin of hot water, use a towel to cover your head, and place your face over the basin. To be more optimal result, you can mix eucalyptus oil, turmeric, ginger or other spices.

7. Rinsing
Gargling can be a solution when the flu attack. Why should rinse? aim to help cleanse the mouth so that the bad bacteria that causes flu does not go into the throat. Try gargling with warm water mixed with salt, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger for maximum results.

8. Use Aroma Menthol / Mint
Using menthol or mint scent is one way for me to cope with the flu or a cold. It's easy, you just need to apply eucalyptus oil or balsam near the nostrils, throat and your chest.

9. Bathing with Warm Water
When you have the flu, do not try using a cold water bath. But always use warm water objective being to keep the body warm.

10. Consumption of chili / foods containing chili
Capsaicin is a chemical compound are contained in chili peppers that is trusted and has been proven effective to help clean the nasal cavity. When the flu began to attack, try eating soup with a sprinkling of pepper or chili-containing foods. But remember, not too much, will not recover even its flu stomach pain hehe.

11. Consumption of Spices That It Warm
Lastly you can also try to eat the spice that tastes like a warm, kencur, ginger, basil, sreh. Or it could be all of the following spices united and boiled with water, then drink boiled water.

12. A mixture of Honey and Ginger
Everyone must know honey. In addition to good taste, honey is also rich in benefits which are also useful in overcoming the flu or a cold. Way, take 2 segment ginger, then grate and mix with honey. Then you eat 3 times a day. Insyaalloh your flu will recover.

Hopefully with 12 natural ways to cure this flu you can be free of this disease, get well.