Mumps is swelling of the parotid gland caused by a viral infection called paramyxovirus. Parotid gland is located at the bottom and front of the ear. Mumps can cause one of these glands swell.

And although very rare, mumps can also cause complications beberpa, among others:
* In men, testicular swelling of one or both of them.
* In women, the ovaries swell.
* Inflammation of the brain regions.
* Hearing to decline.
* Miscarriage.
* Swelling of the pancreas.

Causes of Mumps
The cause is the mumps or mumps infection by a virus called paramyxovirus. The virus that causes mumps is in the saliva of patients from 6 days before swelling to 9 days after swelling. The highest risk of transmission of mumps was 2 days before the swelling. Transmission can be through the saliva of patients or objects contaminated with the virus a paramyxovirus.

Mumps most common in children aged 6 to 8 years. Mumps usually attack when the body condition is declining. And if a person has been exposed to mumps, it will be immune to the disease for life.

symptoms of Mumps
In the event of a virus infection, the patient usually does not feel the signs. Only then hose 2 to 3 weeks will show some signs of mumps. Some of the symptoms of mumps include:
* Swelling of the salivary glands, the glands could be two or one.
* Time chewing and swallowing food painful.
* Fever.
* Body feels sore and weak.
And the most visible is the swelling on one or both cheeks.

Food Abstinence Mumps
Mumps patient should be given foods that are easy to chew and swallow. Moreover there is no kind of food taboos for mumps.

Prevention of Disease Mumps (Mumps / parotitis)

Mumps vaccination as part of routine immunization in childhood, namely immunization MMR (mumps, morbili, rubella) given by injection at the age of 15 months.
MMR immunization may also be given to adolescents and adults who have not had Mumps.

Immunization is no effect apanas or other symptoms. Simply eating foods that contain high levels of iodine, can reduce the risk of mumps disease.

How to Treat Diseases Mumps / parotitis Natural and Traditional:

Oriented treatment to relieve symptoms until the patient returned either by itself.
Mumps actually classified as "self-limiting disease" (disease that resolves itself without treatment). People with mumps should avoid foods or drinks that are acidic so that the pain does not get worse, given liquid and soft food diet. Jka in antiquity mumps patients given blau (blue for washing clothes), in fact it is clinically irrelevant. Most likely just for children affected by the disease Mumps is a shame if the game out with a face covered in blau, so that the child hopes rest home enough to help the healing process.

In addition to the doctor for treatment, mumps can also be treated using traditional ingredients sebabagai follows:
Herb leaves Tread Dara: 1 handful of leaves tread virgin, finely ground and then attached to the mumps.