How to treat swollen gums naturally of course can be done quickly, or a way to treat swollen gums and bleeding gums. For those of you who suffer from swollen gums, here's the treatment tips, see the review that I will share this time.

Suffering from swollen gums is normal and not a strange disease. Swollen gums themselves can occur due to various factors, but the most dominant factor that causes swollen gums is due to toothache. But of course there are still many more that cause swollen gums. One of them is, for those of you who don't maintain oral hygiene, you must immediately change your bad behavior, because oral hygiene is very influential on the health of your teeth and gums.

Terkadang rasa sakit akibat gusi yang membengkak semua orang berbeda, depends on how severe the condition is. Fortunately there are several ways to treat swollen gums that you can do easily using a variety of natural ingredients.

Some herbs or natural ingredients that are efficacious for treating the swollen gums like clove oil, turmeric, salt, and more.Metode ini sudah banyak direkomendasikan dan dibuktikan oleh banyak pihak. So you don't necessarily have to take the drugs or other pharmaceutical products that contain chemicals. Selain efektif tentunya cara menyembuhkan gusi yang bengkak secara alami sangat aman dan bebas dari efek samping. Well just consider some ways to treat swollen gums below.

1. massage
The first way to ease the pain from swollen gums with a massage. The way the massage on the gums cheek pain slowly. Make a circular motion, but make sure you do not feel pain in this way.

2. Lemon
Namely how to prepare then squeeze 1/4 lemon juice with water and mix in 1/2 cup warm water. The next step that is rinsed using a mixture of both natural materials. You can apply this method 2 times a day in order to quickly recover.

3. Brine
The way the mix 1 tablespoon of salt into 1 cup of warm water. The next step which is to use a mixture of the two materials is to rinse. Just like using a lemon, you can apply this method 2 times a day in order to get well.

4. Clove oil
Namely how to apply a little clove oil have swollen gums. This way you can apply 3 times a day after you eat.

5. Water
Drinking water is beneficial for cleaning the gums and mouth of a variety of harmful bacteria. So there is no harm in consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day. In addition to healthful, consuming water can also facilitate your digestion.

So please apply one way to treat swollen gums naturally that I have mentioned above. In order to recover quickly swollen gums must be treated on a regular basis, but if it does not go away you should also contact your doctor immediately. Make sure you always brush your teeth to oral hygiene is maintained, so as to avoid the pain of teeth and gums. Similarly, treatment tips this time, may be useful for you.