If you're asking about what's happening food in town, I would answer it's a "Roti Nougat (Nougat Bread)". How about the drink?? Of course it's "Es Alpukat (Ice Avocado with Coffee)". Well, actually it's not a new thing. But I don't know some how, these food and drink become very popular and every entrepreneur try to build a new coffee shop or food stall for selling these mouthwatering dishes. Even though there are so many of them, there's 1 place that I like the most. It's Kedai KoKoHo.

Cozy place at Kedai KoKoHo - Alam Sutera
Kedai KoKoHo currently become 1 of many popular coffee shops in town. They opened the first branch at Muara Karang, and after that they opened the second branch at Alam Sutera. What makes it popular and become my favorite??
  1. They have 2 popular dishes "Roti Nougat" and "Ice Avocado Coffee" on their menu which become the most wanted item for everyone. Having these 2 items at 1 place, is really a good idea.
  2. Actually they are not name it "Roti Nougat" like the others. At Kedai Kokoho, this delicious bread dishes called "Roti Gempal". However, it has the same taste, and even I would say it's more delicious.
  3. Beside these 2 dishes, they also sell another comfort food such as "Indomie". Who doesn't like it??
  4. They offer these delicious dishes with affordable price, perfect for a quick breakfast (or snack time??).
Open Kitchen at Kedai KoKoHo
I was visiting this "kedai" at Alam Sutera for a breakfast. At that time I just ordered a few dishes because I just came with Winston and we couldn't eat a lot. And, yesss. I ordered their bestseller dishes, Roti Gempal and Avocado Coffee.

Roti Gempal Nogat 1/2 with Gandum (Whole Wheat Bread) - IDR 17K 
It was not the first time I ate Roti Gempal (Roti Nogat). I've ate it before, but I felt this one is more delicious. Starts from the bread (I asked them to use Whole Wheat Bread by add IDR 2K), and the toppings, especially the mocha cream. It taste really good especially when it's still hot. I just ordered it in 1/2 portion and I still couldn't finish it.

Look at those delightful peanuts.... It's so yum...
Not just the food, another good taste also comes from its drink, the Avocado Coffee. When I was ordering, they asked me whether I wanted it comes with espresso or not. Of course I want it. Lately coffee become a mandatory for me in the morning. It starts to become a habit for me to drink a coffee before I start my activity.

Es Alpukat with Espresso (IDR 27K)
Back to this beverage, I was thinking they will mix the coffee and avocado together before they serve it, like other coffee shop do. But they don't!! It came separately between the "avocado juice" and the "espresso". I looked at the glass of avocado juice, and realized they put many kinds of chocolate for the toppings, such as chocolate sprinkle, chocolate powder, and also chocolate flavor condensed milk. Not forgetting a scoop of chocolate ice cream. OMG! It's a heaven for an avocado - chocolate lover, like me. I gave Winston a try before put the espresso in. And like I was expected, he likes it. When he enough with it, I poured the espresso in, and seriously, it's the best avocado coffee.

Toppings at Es Alpukat by Kedai KoKoHo

Kedai KoKoHo
Address : Ruko Jalur Sutera Kav. 29D No. 23, Alam Sutera
Phone : +6221 30052369
Opening hours : Mon - Sun 7.30AM - 7.30PM
Instagram : @kedai_kokoho