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Honest Review about Natural Pacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence

Well, you've read the caption of today's post. Yup, it's about "Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence" by "Natural Pacific". You might ever heard about this product, or you might not. At this post, I'll write about this product completely, including the honest review from me. I don't get sponsored for this, I just want to share with you about my experience after using this essence. Let's start from knowing the brand, Natural Pacific.

Natural Pacific is a new beauty brand and currently become very popular in Korea. This brand really famous for its serum, which promising to "fix" any problem on your skin, "Fresh Herb Origin Serum".  Looking of its name, we'll think that they use natural ingredients for their products. And the fact is, yes, they only use natural ingredients for their products, and that's a thing that makes people like it. To be honest, this serum was really really got me. With its ingredients and also a very great effect, I really fell for it. Especially after I know Jun Ji Hyun also use this serum, I want it, so badly...

However, my desire about this serum totally gone after hear about the stinging sensation during the usage. Even though this sensation only happened while you have some problems on your skin, but it still sounds scary. That's the reason why this serum has a nickname "Damn Serum / Scream Serum". I couldn't imagine if everytime I use this serum, I'd scream and feel pain on all over my face. Since I didn't use this serum, I can't tell how it works. But you can try it if you really curious with the result, because some people said it's really work. But personally, I'll skip it.

While searching about this serum, I found another interesting product, under the same brand. It's Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence. As you can read from its name, this essence has a whitening function, which I love the most. With no doubt, I bought it and decided to try it. I used this essence every morning together with SK II Facial Treatment Essence. I was using it as a serum after essence, because it has an oily texture, which I believed it can help me with my dry skin. As you can see at the pictures below, the essence has an "oily-thick" texture. It might not suitable for oily skin type, but it was doing great on my face.

Let's talk about the ingeridents. If you take a look at the bottle, it's exactly written the main ingredients of this essence are Niacinamide 5% and Hyaluronic Acid. I'm pretty sure you must be know about these ingredients because lately they are used as a great serum from Canadian beauty brand, The Ordinary. While Niacinamide has ability torepair skin problems such as enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and dullness, Hyaluronic Acid work as anti aging by keep the collagen synthesis up. The combination of these ingredients, trusted to make this essence become a great brightening beauty product. If you want to know, here's my experience after using Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence by Natural Pacific.

  • In 3 days 

It started to hydrate my dry skin, especially on my cheek. It didn't feel as tight as before, and the flaky skin also began to decrease. However, I still couldn't see the brightening effect.
  • In 7 days 
After 1 week of usage, I could see a significant change on my skin. It started to get brightener, and I also felt my skin become very soft. It was still has a flaky skin, but not as much as before. I was really happy at that time because with affordable price, this essence shows the brightening result that every one hoping for.
  • In 10 days 
I woke up in the morning and saw 2 big size pimples on my cheek. OMG! It never happened before. I never have a problem with acne. It only shows up everytime I got period, but it only 1 and will be gone in maximum 2 days. Or sometimes I also got pimple when I tried a new skin care, which not suitable with my skin. At that time, I didn't get period so I was thinking the pimples appear due to the usage of Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence. I quickly stopped the usage of this essence, and used Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to clear up these pimples.
  • In 15 days
After a few days healing the pimples, I decided to give another chance with this essence. To be honest, I was in love with this essence already, and I didn't want to trust that this essence made a breakout on my face. I started to use this essence again, and I was hoping the pimple won't appear anymore.
  • In 17 days
This time it didn't take a long time for the pimples to came out. Only in 2 days, and I started to see the pimples appear again. I had no choice beside to stop the usage of this essence, again, until the pimples disappear.

After the pimples are disappear, I gave the last chance for this essence, and started to use again. However, only in 2 days (again), it started to breakout again and even it's getting worse. Well, that's enough with this essence, I won't use it anymore.

After all, I won't say this essence is not good. Even I wanna say this essence is really great, and show the brightening effect just like I expected. However, I have a very sensitive skin and by the chance, this serum has ingredients which not suitable on my skin.

New Packaging of Natural Pacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence

As a new brand, these products won't be available in store in Indonesia. You need to buy it online to get this essence. And if you're wondering why my essence has a different packaging with the one that you just see on your trusted online shop, it because Natural Pacific just launched a new packaging for both Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence and Fresh Herb Serum, right after I bought it. Same ingredients, just different packaging. So don't you think it's a fake. Because as I know, currently there's no fake products of Natural Pacific brand.