Unboxing SK II Pitera Welcome Set

Hi dear!

Here I am, back again with a blogpost about beauty products from my favorite brand, SK II. If you have read my previous post, you'll know the first product from this Japanese brand that I used is SK II Facial Treatment Essence. I've used it since 3 years ago, and I never have a thought to stop using it. I love this product a lot. As I was saying before, the result will be shown after long term of use. And yes! I started to see the result now.

After 3 years using this essence, finally I started to see the change on my skin. I realized that my age is growing, and lately my skin is also a bit dry (due to last winter holidays). However, I don't see any appearance of fine lines. Whereas before, I could see the fine wrinkles on my face, especially in the area around my eyes. At that time I was only 24 years old and the wrinkles made me looks so "old". Thanks to SK II, you really change my destiny :)

The history of "PITERA", seen on the side of SK II Pitera Welcome Set's box

"A good skin care will costs a lot" - hmm, I would say that I'm agree with it. A good skin care, contains a good - high quality ingredients, which also need a high costs. Especially if it has anti aging effects, that can be found at SK II products. The "high" price of this products could be a concern for some peoples who just want to try to use it for the first time. They are worry if the products are not suitable on their skin, and it only gonna waste their money.

3 first steps to get a clear skin by SK II
However, if you really curious with the "power" of SK II products and wanna try it without breaking your wallet, you can start it with SK II Pitera Welcome Set which just launched and designed special for the first timer. Inside this box, there are 3 best seller products of SK II, comes in mini size.

  •  Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml
The most important point to get a clear and healthy skin: "Make sure your face at the very clean condition before start your treatment." A facial wash is not enough to make your face 100% clean. You need to use more cleanser before start with your treatment.  A good cleanser also important to get a healthy skin because it will exfoliate a dead skin cells, and make your skin become very clean and of course, healthy. SK II Pitera Welcome Set also comes with SK II Clear Lotion which is a good cleanser. Use this as the very first step, with cotton pad, before you continue with Facial Treatment Essence.
  • Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
This essence is a must products from SK II. It contains Pitera which really great to make your skin keep "young" and glowing. Use this essence as the first step on your treatment, after get your face clean with Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, twice a day, in the morning and before sleep time. You can use it with cotton pads, but I choose to only drop it on my palm. With that way, I only need 3 drops for my whole face. 
  • R.N.A Power Radical New Age 15g
After essence, you might need a serum for a serious problem on your skin. However, if you don't have any serious problem, and only wants to make your skin keep moisturized and get brighter, you can go with moisturizing cream after essence directly. R.N.A Power Radical New Age, is a best seller moisturizing cream by SK II. R.N.A series known for the anti aging effect, which what people expecting for from this brand. However, it's not only for elder women. Young women (from 20 years old) can also use it as a measure to prevent premature aging. Beside that this cream has a very rich texture, and it will moisturized your skin.

Those 3 products are the best seller products from SK II, and known as the first step to get a crystal clear skin. This Pitera Welcome Set only costs IDR 958k, and it's a very good deal for SK II products. You can get this set in every SK II counter. You're better be hurry up, because they only have limited stock. Are you ready to #changedestiny ????

SK II Pitera Welcome Set - the first step to crystal clear skin