Still about Bali, this time I gonna write a post about the popular restaurant in Bali, NOOK. Tucked away at Seminyak area, this place become a favorite restaurant to be visited, especially for tourists. However, even most tables full of tourists, doesn’t mean it’s a tourist trap restaurant. I had a lunch here when I was in Bali, and the food wasn’t bad at all! Even it becomes my favorite place to eat in Bali.

 As I was saying, NOOK located at Seminyak area. However, it's not located right in the middle of the crowd. It's located at North Seminyak, where you can find a different ambience. NOOK has a unique place. When mostly café and restaurant in Bali offers an ocean view or private beach, NOOK has something different to be offered. It’s one thing that makes me likes this place. This restaurant only has outdoor seating, and surrounded by paddy fields. Yes, a paddy fields! Can you imagine to have a breakfast or lunch with this green scenery?? It’s gonna be great especially if you feel bored with beach view.

Enough with the scenery around it, and let’s talk about the food. We came to this restaurant at the lunch time, so we’re looking for some “heavy” meals. Thankfully, unlike other café or restaurant in Bali which mostly only have Western Food on their menu, NOOK also offers Indonesian food and it’s perfect for lunch. We ordered Ayam Betutu and Soto Ayam, because we started to missed Indonesian dishes (Indonesian food is the best!!)

While waiting for our meals, we saw that most people ate the sandwiches, burger, and smoothie bowls. I asked the staff and they said it’s their recommended menu. I felt curious with their sandwich and decided to order it because it looks delicious.  Well, here’s the review of those meals.

Soto Ayam IDR 40K
Soto Ayam
For Indonesian people, Soto Ayam is not something special and you want to eat on your holiday. We can find it everywhere because it’s everyone’s favorite dish, including Aurelia. She loves Soto Ayam and that’s the reason why we ordered it. Soto Ayam is an Indonesian chicken soup. It comes with a clear broth mixed with tumeric for the soup, it’s really savory and tasty. Anyway, if you eat Soto Ayam, don’t forget to put a squeeze of lime juice. It’s gonna be taste much better.

Lunch with a stunning view at NOOK
Ayam Betutu
Since we’re in Bali, eat Balinese local food is a mandatory. I love every kind of Balinese food, including ayam betutu (Betutu chicken). Usually, I always eat this chicken dish at Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk, the original restaurant for Ayam Betutu. However, at that place they only serve Ayam Betutu, and my children can’t eat it because it’s extremely spicy. So this time we decided to eat this spicy chicken dish at NOOK.

Ayam Betutu IDR 60K
Ayam Betutu is a spicy chicken dish, authentic from Bali. It cooked with a lot of Bali spices, and cayenne peppers. Yup, the original ayam betutu is using a lot of cayenne peppers and it’s really spicy. But in NOOK, they make a modification for this dish by using less spices and less cayenne peppers. It makes this dishes has not too strong taste, and to be honest, this kind of Ayam Betutu is pretty good. So you can enjoy this dishes without make your tears come out because of  the spiciness. No wonder Ayam Betutu also become their specialty, come along with Nasi Campur.

Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich IDR 60K
Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Actually this is a breakfast menu. However it’s still available until 2PM, and I’m so lucky still have a chance to order it because this sandwich is the bomb!! It has a crispy bread, filled with avocado, mushroom, spinach, and of course mozzarella cheese. But one thing that make this sandwich special is the pesto sauce that they put to complete their filling.  Not just the sandwich, I love the salad as well. It was really fresh, and the dressing was delicious.

The fillings of the sandwich

Blushing Berry Beet IDR 40K
Mango Lassie and Blushing Berry Beet
Great smoothies are something that you can get in every restaurant or cafe in Bali. That's why I always order smoothies to complete my meal. Since the weather was really hot at that day, we decided to order 2 glasses of fresh smoothies. I love them both my favourite is Mango Lassie. It's the best Lassie's ever!

Mango Lassie IDR 35K
Well, those are my honest review about this happening restaurant in Bali. All of their dishes so delicious, both for Western and Indonesian food. If I back to Bali, definitely I'll come back again and try their Nasi Campur, which is also a recommended dish at NOOK.

- See you at another post about our culinary trip in Bali -


Address : Jalan Umalas 1 Gang Nook No. 1, Kuta Utara, Kerobokan Kelod, Bali 80361
Phone : +62 361 8475625
Opening hours : Mon - Sun 8AM - 11PM