As I was saying at the previous post, I just had a Bali trip with my family for celebrating Aurelia’s 8th birthday. I was so glad that she liked our “present” for her, especially when she knew we stayed at the luxury resort, Anantara Uluwatu. Nothing can make me feel happier than see the smile from my children.

Outfit for dinner - White Floral Dress : Topshop , Bag : Longchamp
 A birthday celebration, won’t be complete without a dinner. We’re looking for a good fine dining restaurant to celebrate this special moment. Since we gonna had dinner with children, we’re looking for a restaurant, which serves a child friendly menu. Finally, we decided to have a dinner at our favorite restaurant in Bali, Ultimo.

Ultimo is an Italian restaurant, located at Seminyak area. This is one of our favorite restaurant in Bali. Everytime we go to Bali, Ultimo is a must for us. Not just because of the delicacy of their dishes, but they also have an affordable price for that good quality food. They have a good interior for a fine dining restaurant. However, the ambience is quite not suitable for children. It has a low light, with a small space at indoor area. They do have an outdoor area which more spacious, and have live music too!! But as usual, outdoor area is a smoking area, and it’s not good for children.

Extremely delicious complimentary bread

Despite the ambience, we chose this restaurant because they serve Italian food which is our children’s favorite. They love pasta, a lot!! I’ve tried their pasta before, and I like it. And if I like it, so the children do. Beside the pasta, I also love to eat their seafood dishes. It was so fresh and also taste delicious.

Ravioli di Pollo
Ravioli di Pollo (IDR 65K)
First dish is the pasta. This time I decided to try their ravioli, which is stuffed with chicken. It was so tasty, and the pasta also cooked perfectly.  This ravioli is cooked with creamy sauce and mushroom, which make it taste better.

Grilled Snapper with Sautéed Vegetables& Caponata Sauce
Grilled Snapper with Sauteed Vegetables & Caponata Sauce (IDR 135K)
To be honest, this dish is quite disappointed. Even though the snapper was really fresh, but it was overcooked. The texture was too dry and not juicy at all. Beside that, the sauce also has a very strong taste, and too sour.

Grilled Seafood Platter

Grilled Seafood Platter
At the time we ordered, we didn’t see this menu. But the waitress was telling it’s one of their recommended dishes. Based on what he said, we decided to try it and it’s very very delicious. This platter contains squids, prawns, muscle, and it’s all grilled - my favorite cooking method all the time - and French fries for the side dish. I love grilled food especially for seafood dishes. This seafood was grilled perfectly, and also comes with less spices, so I could taste the flavor of the seafood itself. How tasty it is!!! Suddenly it reminds me with grilled seafood dishes from Cerveseria Catalana which is also very fresh, and delicious.

Not just the foods, we love their bestseller beverages too. I don’t know what does it called, because we didn’t see it on the menu. We just saw every table had this drink, so I asked the waitress to make the same. This beverage is exactly the same with the one that we got at Nervino Dieci Trattoria, Milan. It made with full of sorbet and it’s really fresh. The only difference is the flavor. While in Milan they only have watermelon flavor, UItimo has more options for that. This time I tried the mango flavor and it wasn’t disappointed at all. It was really good and fresh. You really need to try it when have a dinner at Ultimo.

Ultimo is the right place for you who are looking for a fine dining yet affordable restaurant. You can reach this place by short walking from Seminyak Village. Since this restaurant has many tables, reservation is not necessary. Except if you want to celebrate a special occasion, with many peoples on your group.

Ultimo Italian Restaurant
Address : Jalan Kayu Aya No. 104X, Seminyak, Bali 80361
Phone : +62 361 738720
Opening hours : Mon - Sun 4.30PM - 1AM