Bali is a heaven for a foodies. Started from simple brunch, until traditional Balinese food which use a lot of spices, you can find it everywhere in Bali. Last week, I visited Bali for a few days to do a culinary trip. Actually, we made this trip as a present for Aurelia's 8th birthday, because she missed beach so much. But, in between our activities, we gave a try to some popular cafe to fulfill our craved for yummy foods. At this post I gonna post about one of many popular place for breakfast in Seminyak area, Sisterfields Cafe.

It was the first morning in our short vacation. We arrived at 8 am in Bali because we took a very early morning flight. Once we arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport, we drove directly to Seminyak area. It's not hard to find this cafe. It's located right across Seminyak Village, and you can spot it by looking at its name in front of the cafe. The street is quite small and have no parking area. But don't worry, they provide valet parking for your vehicle.

Even though it's located at the small street, but the interior is really spacious. There 2 areas inside it, indoor and outdoor The ambience is really cozy. Most tables were full at that time, but it didn’t feel too crowd at all.

We decided to not order too much and just ordered two dishes which they recommend. We didn't want to eat too much because we still have more food list that we gonna try in Bali. Otherwise, I saw they have a big portion for each dish. However, we also get a glass of smoothie as a beverage because it looks tempting for us.

Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll - IDR 110K

Pulled Pork Charcoal Burger
Based on its name, this burger use pulled pork as the fillings. But it taste so unique because they don’t use the "ordinary" bbq sauce to make this pulled pork. Instead, they use a homemade bbq sauce which make this pulled pork taste different. The sauce itself contains some spices which make it taste more “Bali”  and it’s so delicious. To balance the fat of the pork, they also put some veggies for the fillings. But again, unlike other burger that only use lettuce and tomato, they use fennel and coleslaw which are perfect match with the pulled pork.

Pulled Pork and Coleslaw for the fillings

Beside the fillings, another unique thing from this burger is the bun. Yes, they are using a black bun for this burger. Actually, there’s no different taste between a black bun and a normal bun. However, I love the bun because it’s really soft. Last, this burger also come with very delicious fries. I would say this is one of the best fries I ever ate. The crunchiness of the fries was perfect, and a little bit salt that they put make me couldn’t stop to eat it.

Pancake and Red Berries - IDR 105K

Pancake and Red Berries
Second dish I tried is a sweet dish. Usually, a pancake for breakfast is a simple one, just with a maple syrup (for a sweet taste) or with some eggs and bacon (for the savoury one). But this pancake is so special. It has a lot of toppings like berries, raspberry sorbet, and many more. But my favourite topping is the granola. With almond matcha flavour, this granola complete the delicacy of the pancake.

Purple Dragon - IDR 55K

Purple Dragon
Brunch is not complete without a smoothies. Am I right?? Sisterfields offer many choices of delicious smoothies, one of them is Purple Dragon. This smoothie was really fresh. A combination between mango, passion fruit, and Yakult (Yakult is my favourite!!), make it really fresh and perfect to be matched with red dragon fruit.

Overall, all of the dishes at Sisterfields taste so delicious and really satisfying. I would recommend this place for a brunch in Bali, and definitely I will come back again if I go to Bali. Anyway, if you visit Sisterfields, why don't you check their restroom?? With a pink wall and a statement on the huge mirror, it's a great place for a photo.

P.S : Since 11 March 2018, Sisterfields has opened a new branch at PIK Avenue, Jakarta. It's a great chance for you who stay in Jakarta and wanna taste a delicacy of their dishes.

Sisterfields Cafe
Address : Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 7,  Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Phone : +628113860507
Opening hours : Sun - Fri 7AM - 10PM
Website :