Hey dear!!!!

I gonna share with you about my outfit for the last Chinese New Year. First of all, I wanna say “Happy Chinese New Year”, for everyone who celebrate it. Hope you have a wealthy and prosperous year on this "Year of Dog".

Well, it’s been a tradition in my family (I thought everyone too), to wear new clothes at Chinese New Year day. Not just outfit, we also use a new bedsheet and towel in this special day. For some reasons, we believe it will give us a new luck at the new year. 

Chinese New Year identic with red color. Yess, it is. It makes most peoples wear red outfit when celebrating Chinese New Year. However, it's not happened to me. I never wore red outfit at CNY before because i feel not confident in wearing bright color outfit. But this time, i found a beautiful dress, in red color, but it’s not bright at all. It’s little bit dark, more like maroon.

I bought this dress from Topshop, one of my favorite clothing brand. It looks chic and elegant with lace fabrics, and i love it!! For the shoes, I used nude color shoes from Melissa X Karl Lagerfeld. Perfect with the dress..

Anyway, for my lips, I used Kylie Lip Matte in Kristen from Kylie Cosmetics. It supposed to be has a bright red color with some orange touch. But I don't know why it looks darker on my lips. Do you think so???

Dress : Top Shop
Bag : Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote in Rose Sachet
Shoes : Melissa X Karl Lagerfeld