At the grand launching of Vaseline Superfood Serum, i just knew that Vaseline has already been established since 1872, long long time ago. No wonder that this brand is really strong in value. Back to the topic, this new product is really ground-breaking as not so many brands produce 'Serum' for a body care.

If you wonder about what lays behind 'Superfood' in it? I did too! We're explained as we're about to decorate the smoothie by our own. Superfood within the body serum, means it's not only consuming real good food just like smoothie for our health. But, inside, we need extra superfood for our skin. This Body Serum is rich in nutrition for our skin.

We had Kak Hannah Alrashid as the brand ambassador, there she said "The body lotion texture is really gentle and easy to absorb. Out of these three scents,  my favorite goes to Cranberry, because the fragrance is so refreshing. I really like it, sometimes i use this as perfume."

 Lisqia Lalantika, as the Brand Manager of Vaseline Indonesia explained that this product is a lifestyle, healthy food, and superfood trend, brought into the body serum.

"It's not ordinary lotion. This product has a very light texture and is very fast absorbing. Moreover, it has one strength, namely to improve the skin, the content of petroleum jelly in it," she said.

Petroleum Jelly is one of Vaseline's superior ingredients that has many benefits including moisturizing the skin, making eyebrows look neater, treating branched hair while making it look more shiny , and much more.

Vaseline presents three refreshing natural scents in the Super food Skin Serum collection that can be chosen according to the scent and benefits.

1. Cranberries with vitamin C and E contents to brighten the skin
2. Citrus with vitamin C and mineral extracts
3.  Green Tea for look healthier and glowing skin.


It impresses me how it's so fast in absorption unlike usual lotion. Most importantly, it doesn't leave any excess on top of the skin, absorbs thoroughly. As someone who hates sticky feeling afterward, this fulfills my expectation. SUPER NICE! The scent tho, is really fruity and refreshing. No sugar coating, i guess this one by far my favorite from Vaseline. Oh, lastly, i love that it doesn't produce any white cast too. 

My favorite goes to the green tea one, my usual scent. But, if i am about to differentiate the benefit, i can't say much but t all of them is hydrating and moisturizes well, the major difference is only the smell..

Love, Ker.