I’m a person who always likes to try a new food, at new (and mostly popular) restaurant. By chance, few months ago (precisely on September), we’re going to celebrate Winston’s first birthday party. We’re not gonna make a big party. Instead, we just want to have a simple family dinner. I took this chance to try a new restaurant, which we never been visited before. I was trying to find it by searched “the best restaurant in Jakarta”, and got a few restaurants name with that keywords. But there’s a restaurant that i was quite interested about, because they serve a food that suitable for children. It’s Li Feng.

Winston's birthday cake - London

 Li Feng is a Chinese restaurant, which just opened last year at the luxurious hotel in Jakarta, Mandarin Oriental. This restaurant serves the authentic Cantonese Cuisine with modern twists and well known for their dim sum. I chose this restaurant to celebrate Winston birthday because of some reasons. First, Ivan is a huge fan of dim sum. Second, I saw their dishes is suitable for children. Third, they have a fancy and elegant interior design.

Li Feng restaurant interior
This restaurant managed by two popular chef, who has a lot of experience with fine dining restaurant. One of them known as Chef Fei, who has worked at Jiang - Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou, and has won an award as The Best Chef in China 2016. His partner, Chef Loy has experiences at international fine dining restaurants including Bali and Dubai, for more than 12 years. That explains why the presentation of their dishes looks amazing.

The Wibowo's family picture on Winston 1st birthday

We ordered some of their recommended dishes, including the most popular, Deep Fried Swan Dumpling with Black Pepper Duck Meat. The things that makes this popular is the way they serve it. They use dried ice under the plate, to make it smokey while they serve it. It’s so unique and i felt curious to try the taste of this dish.

Deep Fried Swan Dumpling with Black Pepper Duck Meat - IDR 89K

Well, this dumpling has duck meat as a filling. It cooked with black pepper sauce which make it little bit spicy. The meat was so tender, but it’s not so my favorite. The black pepper taste was too strong until I couldn’t feel other taste beside its spicyness. The outside part also has a crispy texture, not soft as i was expecting. I knew it’s a deep fried dumpling, but still, it’s little bit strange for me to eat dumplings with that “texture”. However, the other dim sum that i ordered, Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll was very delicious. It’s filled with prawn and preserved vegetables which taste so yummm,  especially when we ate with its dipping sauce. It’s the best....

Crispy Bean Curd Skin Roll Filled with Shrimps and Preserved Vegetables - IDR 30K
Not just dim sum, we also ordered other foods that they recommend for us. Chinese Cabbage with Fermented Tofu in Kelp Broth, Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk and not forgetting a noodle dish, because it’s a birthday celebration. In our tradition, in a birthday celebration we should have noodle in it. A long shape of noodle is a symbol that we believe can make the birthday person has a long life. We’re asking for a recommended noodle dishes, and they suggested us to order the Lobster Yi Fu Noodle.

Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk - IDR 78K
Lobster Yi Fu Noodle - IDR 450K
Overall, all of these dishes are delicious. They have a perfect taste. I like the broth for the soup, which made from kelp. And the lobster noodle, oh... it’s my favorite.. I like the way they cooked the lobster, and the season that they used for noodle. Even though the noodle was too mushy, but it’s perfect for kids. It’s my children’s favorite.

Trading maps as a "wallpaper" at  Li Feng
Li Feng is highly recommended for everyone who’s looking for a great restaurant in Jakarta. Not just because of the delicious dishes that they served, but the elegancy of the interior also make a plus point. The interiors of Li Feng inspired by the history of trade between China and Batavia. Can you see that ceiling??? If you turn it upside down, it looks like an ocean shape sailing ships on it. And they also use the trading maps as a decoration on the wall. This restaurant really perfect for those who want to have a celebrations, especially for Chinese New Year. The price is also reasonable for a fine dining restaurant. Definetily i’ll come back again, but next time i’ll try at lunch time, when they have more variety for the dim sum.

Ocean shaped ceiling with the upside down ships

P.S. : They have special menu for dim sum only IDR 30K ++ / portion at this Christmas season. Enjoy ^^

Li Feng - Mandarin Oriental
Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta 10310
Phone : (021) 29938825
Opening hours :
• Lunch : Mon - Fri :11.30AM - 2.30PM, Sat & Sun : 11AM - 3PM
• Dinner : Mon - Sun : 6PM - 10.30PM
Website : https://www.mandarinoriental.com/jakarta/jalan-mh-thamrin/fine-dining/restaurants/cantonese-cuisine/li-feng