Wrinkle, dark circle, eyebag, these problems always become my concern. I really hate it because it makes every pictures of mine looks bad, especially when i smile. I always try to find a the best concealer for my under eye, but they all can’t cover perfectly. I realized that these problems need to be fixed, not covered. I’ve tried many ways to fix my eye’s problem started from the traditional way, by using cucumber and tea bags, until using many brands of eye cream, but nothing works.

SK II Stempower Eye Cream
 One day, my mom in law gave me a recommendation to use Sign Eye Cream from SK II. To be honest, i don’t really like this brand before, because of some reasons. First, it is so pricey. I never use any “luxury” skincare like this before, and even I never think want to try it. I’m enough with a mid range skincare such as Laneige, which works really good as well. Second, first thought from me about SK II was, that brand is for elder people. Yeah, I was just 20s at that time, and heard SK II known for it’s best seller product Facial Treatment Essence which very useful for anti aging, i never thought SK II will be suitable for me. However, since she gave me this eye cream, I decided to give it a try. Who knows it’s gonna work.

SK II Signs Eye Cream
After 1 month used this eye cream, I started to see the result. Not much, but I quite satisfied with it. The wrinkle, is gone. It also reduced the eyebag, a little!! However, it still didn’t give any changed with the dark circle. So i gave up with this eye cream. Because the big concern for me is the dark circle.

Give up with 1 brand, didn’t stop me to find other great eye cream. I kept changing my eye cream, to find the one who can handle all of my eyes problem. Then i realized, none of them can do that, even to fix 1 of them. The worse was, the wrinkle around my eyes is back again! Then i back again to SK II. Unfortunately, the "Signs Eye Cream has been discontinued. But, they have a new product to replace it. It's called SK II Stempower Eye Cream.

For these past few months, I sticked with II Stempower Eye Cream. I like the texture of this eye cream. It's really light, so it doesn't make my under eye looks oily and "broke" my make up. And like the first time I used this eye cream, it (still) works to loose the wrinkle. And I found the other great result of it. After a long term used (almost a year), it started to reduced the dark circle. Not much, but still it’s a good news for me. Finally i found an eye cream who can help me with my eye’s problem.

So far this is the best eye cream that I ever used, which really works one my eyes. It costs around IDR 1,6 million for 15g. Yeah, it’s quite expensive. But it’s worth it because this eye cream is amazing.

"Anyone have a recommendation for a good eye cream to loose dark circle?? You can write it at the comment box below.."