Greyhound Cafe - Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
First time i knew about Greyhound is when i was traveling to Thailand. I got a recommendation from Ivan’s cousin, to try this popular cafe in Bangkok. Hear about a good food is like a poison for me. When i had a chance, i decided to give it a try and it didn’t disappoint me at all. The food was great, especially the chicken wings, which is their recommended dish. However, at that time i wasn’t familiar with Thai food. So i just ordered the pasta which also taste good as well. It’s definitely be my favorite cafe and i always visit it every time i had a chance.

Greyhound Cafe menu
Around 3 months ago, i just heard that Greyhound Cafe has opened a new branch in Jakarta. Being located at the West Lobby of Grand Indonesia, it becomes their first branch in town. Knowing about this good news made me can’t wait to try their food. Finally, i had a chance to visit it last month, and it's an excitement for me.

Greyhound Cafe has a very spacious dining place. With a modern interior design, it's so cozy and perfect for hang out. They don't use any low light (like most cafe do), so it's also suitable for you who want to visit it with kids. Love this place!

Thai Iced Tea with Milk - IDR 45K
I came there for an early lunch at the weekday. We became their second guest, and it’s an advantage for us. We don’t need to wait for a long time only for get a table, which always happenned on the weekend.

Pad Thai with Fresh Prawns IDR 95K
I found out they have a lot of menu, and everything looks tasty. Even though i only tried some of them, but overall i like it. They have a great taste, especially with the Thai food. Their pad thai is the best pad thai i ever ate. It has a perfect sweet and sour flavor at the same bite. It's so yumm... 

Basic Fried Rice with Egg and Bacon served with Clear Soup IDR 75K

Spaghetti Carbonara in Light Cream Sauce IDR 92K
Beside that, also ordered fried rice and pasta as well. These 2 dishes also become my favorite because they have a super yummy bacon in it. The bacon was very thin and crispy. Trust me, these bacon is very tasty and probably this is the best bacon. Must try if you're a bacon addict, like me.

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings IDR 65K
The last savory food for today, it's the one and only, the famous fried chicken wings by Greyhound. Honestly, before i visit it, i was hoping their chicken wings will taste as good as in Bangkok. But, it turns out Greyhound Jakarta has a more delicious fried chicken wings than in Bangkok. The outside part was very crispy, while the meat inside is so tender. I only ate some of them, while Aurelia was eating that all! It's the first time she ate chicken wings that way.

Chocolate Banana Crepe Cake IDR 62K
Who likes the combination between banana and chocolate?? Well, it's my family favorite combo. Lookin' at this kind of dessert make me ordered it, even our tummy was full already. But, like what people say, "Always there's a room for dessert".  First time i saw the glazed on the top of the cake, i thought it's gonna be a hot dessert. But it's not!! This crepe cake is a cold dessert, which layered with banana, custard, and fresh cream. It also has a chocolate sauce, which make it more delicious. It might sound too sweet, but i would say it's not too sweet at all. Instead, it has a perfect sweetness, and also perfect to ended this lunch.

After all, i would said my first visit to Greyhound Cafe in Jakarta didn’t dissappoint me at all. Will come back again for sure, to try another delicous dishes that they have.

Greyhound Cafe
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall , Ground Floor, G-20A (next to Seibu Department Store)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta Pusat, 10310
Opening hours : Monday - Sunday 10 AM - 10 PM
Telp : (021) 23581363
Instagram :