Have a light skin tone, always be a dream for every woman, especially for Asian woman (including me). We love to have a light skin tone because it will make us looks prettier and also lookin’ good in every outfit color. Therefore, there are many beauty brand launch a whitening series product to fulfill every woman’s dream. At this post (which gonna be the last post on this Laneige week), i’ll write a review about the newest product for whitening by Laneige.


Well, about few months ago, Laneige has launched a new series, called White Dew. As we can see on its name, we know this product has a function as a whitening product. Like other series in Laneige, there are several product for White Dew series, starts from the essence, refiner, emulsion, and moisturizing cream. Between all of this product, there is 1 product which become the most popular from White Dew series, it’s Tone-up Cream.

Laneige White Dew Tone-up Cream contains Saururus chinensis extract, which can moisturize and give a whitening effect for your skin. By using this cream, it can brighten the yellowish and dull skin. I felt curious about this product, because some people say it works really fast, even faster than White Plus Renew Original Cream. As a fan of Laneige, hear about the goodness of this product makes me can’t wait to try it and see the result by myself. However, it’s still not available in Laneige Indonesia, so i need to buy it by online.

Tone-up Cream has a different packaging with another Laneige cream. It comes with a big box, which includes a tone up puff in it. First time, i thought this puff gonna be useless. Because usually i apply the cream on my face only with bare hands. But when i saw the texture of this cream, i understand what this tone up puff for.

The texture of Tone-up cream really different with White Plus Renew Original Cream. It doesn’t easy to absorb on your skin. Instead, it creates a thin layer on your skin, which make your skin looks brighter, right after using this cream. I would say it more looks like an instant whitening cream. This kind of texture make it hard to blend, and we need the tone up puff to apply it.

Left : White Plus Renew Original Cream | Right : White Dew Tone-up Cream

How to use it??
1. Use this Tone-up cream as the last step on your skin care routine.
2. Take the right amount, and put it in every part on your face equally.
3. Gently pat the cream to promote absorption into skin.
4. Using the tone up puff, gently tap the face to make sure this cream blend perfectly.

After do those 4 steps, trust me, you’ll see your face get brighten instantly. Laneige White Dew Tone-up Cream not only can be used for your face. But it also can be use to brighten any dark part on your body such as neck and armpit.

Honest review from me, it’s not become my favorite product. I like the way how it makes my face looks brighten. But the formula doesn’t moisturize my skin at all. Maybe because it only focus as a whitening, so it doesn’t have any ingredients for hydrating. I still use Laneige Water Sleeping Pack once a week to keep my skin hydrated, because i know basically i have a dry skin type, and it only can be cured with this sleeping pack. However, since i use White Dew Tone-up Cream, my skin type back to dry again, especially on cheek area. I have asked with other people which has more experience about it, and they suggest me to combine it with White Plus Renew Original Cream. So in the morning, i use White Dew Tone-up Cream, and for at night i use White Plus Renew Original Cream to make my skin back to normal again.

Laneige White Dew Tone-up Cream and Laneige White Plus Renew Original Cream
I don’t know whether it’s gonna be make my skin get brighter permanently or not. Because i just use it for 2 weeks, and i can’t judge by this short time. But i’ll keep use it for sure, and maybe i’ll try other products from White Dew series. Who knows it’s gonna make my dry skin turn into normal again, and make it works faster to brighten my skin, permanently.