Sacred Games Season 2 story

Here will be predicting the sacred games season 2 story on the basis of sacred games season 1 and we’ll mainly focus on the hints given on the ending episodes of the sacred games season 1 and try to figure out some conclusion. There were a total of 8 episodes in the sacred games season 1, so it estimated that in the season 2 there will be the same number of episodes as of in the season 1.


When Sartaj Singh chases and investigates for this sign, he finds the Nuclear-Resistant Bunker. Where he finds the dead body of Trivedi. He also finds the food and water in a large quantity which directly means that. Trivedi was planning to stay there at a time of the nuclear attack on the Mumbai city.


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Prediction from the above scenario

  • A nuclear attack is planned on the Mumbai city by the Guruji (third father of Ganesh Gaitonde). As an agenda of depopulation in the Mumbai city (maybe).


  • This clearly indicates that the Gaitonde was not the mastermind. But the mastermind was Guruji who was using Gaitonde for himself. With the help Jojo Mascrehnas, Guruji plans it all. (In the starting from episode 1 Jojo tell Gaitonde that she know a secret from last 20 years. She also knows that Gaitonde has been fooled from such a long time.)
  • Before killing the Jojo Gaitonde calls the Sartaj. That was the moment when Sartaj came to know that he was used in the planning to attack the city he loves.


  • In the starting, when we saw that Gaitonde called the police officer Sartaj Sing. We thought that it was an ordinary call from the gangster. But now we have understood that moment. Gaitonde was asking for help as he was used in this great planning for which he came to know at the last moment.
  • At the moment Gaitonde knows that the situation is not in his hand and he killed himself.


  • Gaitonde was beaten to close death by Parulkar under the Orchestration of Guruji. With the goal that he could make him his follower. He did as such by calling him in the jail through Dilbagh Singh and afterward influencing him to trust that he won’t die and realizing it through Parulkar.

From the above points, the Sacred Games Season 2 story can be easily assumed.


Now it’s your turn to answer a question below so That I could figure you, what’s still left that you guys wanna know?

What’s still in suspense and is not clear in sacred games season 1?

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